Sunday, 4 October 2009


Here's my problem, I have sex with myself A LOT!

If I was a man, you could definitely refer to me as a right wanker!

The problem though is this, for a while now I have been relying on more of less the same little scenario to get me there!

Occasionally a new one will pop into my head, mainly from chats online, or something someone says to me, but when it comes down to it, the same one is always there in the back of my mind.

But recently I have noticed something, it's not always getting me there!

Now the way I see it there are many reasons this could be, one of course being that someone (aka my amazing phone sex friend) has been throwing a little spice into the mix on the phone and his thoughts have influenced my own even when he's not on the other end of the phone.

Or secondly it's time to get a new fantasy.

There have been others, some of them very good such as the spanking I kept thinking about, but when it comes down to it, if I'm feeling horny and need to get there quick this particular little scenario always does it for me normally, add to that Mr Rabbit and it really doesn't normally take much else.

I have tried the usual things, imagining having sex with someone famous and hell how many times and different scenarios can you come up with involving Danny Dyer before it starts being like boring relationship sex! I even tried Kelly Jones from the Stereophonics and it's just not the same.

On Friday night I even had a weird sci-fi sex dream! It could have been the mix of Lemsip, Jack Daniels and Neurofen. Or it could have been my love for the film Barbarella - anyone who's seen the film will know that there are so many fantasies that could result from her antics. I mean hello, she gets to fuck an angel!

So anyway back to 'the' fantasy, its always a slight variation of the same thing, I have mentioned it briefly before. I like to imagine I'm being watched, and depending on where I am, it varies slightly from an obedient naughty boy standing at the end of my bed watching as I pleasure myself, knowing that if he stays really still and doesn't touch his cock I will eventually let him join in. The other current fave is someone watching me through the window, not necessarily someone I even know, but man it's good. The idea of many be the postman (not my postman of course, but a fit young postman) walking past the window and spotting me on the sofa my legs wide, my eyes closed, as I work my clit hard. Of course in the fantasy I know he is there and I am pretending that I can't see him.

It hasn't gone totally un-noticed to me that this fantasy always involves me having sex with myself, no audience participation as it were, maybe it because these days that's what I know best.

So maybe it's not time to get a new fantasy, maybe it's just time for me to get myself some real action!

Conclusion there's nothing wrong with the fantasy, it's just that Lola needs to get laid!


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