Thursday, 28 May 2009


The question of sex in strange places came to mind during a very naughty msn chat with one of my facebook fav's, lets call him George (he chose the name not me) he's definitely another one of my facebook friends I would love to fuck. This particular chat followed on from a naughty text I had sent him over that weekend - blame the Jack Daniels I have!

It started with me saying that I'd love to join him in a sauna, something which I haven't done with him or anyone else I may hasten to add. I would be most concerned about suffocating whilst giving him an outstanding blow job. Oh and the the fact that all that humidity would totally ruin my hair.

It was a very hot msn exchange, I can't pin point exactly why, but there is something about him, maybe it the cheeky smile, or even the fact that he really is a dirty boy, who knows exactly what to say to make me want to slip my hand in my knickers - no matter where I am or what I am doing. It doesn't help that the picture he has on his msn profile makes him look so naughty and fuckable I cant help but think naughty, nasty thoughts when we're online. On more than one occasion I have cum extremely hard when chatting online to him.

Anyway it did get me thinking about where I have done it that isn't shall we say a traditional place for fucking i.e bed, sofa, floor, kitchen worktop, stairs, bath, shower, dinning room table - These are all pretty normal aren't they?

Anyway it got me thinking, firstly about how sorry I feel for those couples who have got to the point in their relationship where the only place they ever have sex is in bed.

How's it go? Bog standard missionary, her on top and then doggy to finish. How do I know this, possibly because I used to be stuck in a relationship with Mr 'I don't try anything new' for us and for a lot of couples out there sex means no variations no rampant need to rip each others clothes off in the kitchen and do it hard and fast up against the worktop.

It also got me thinking about what if not strange then alternative places I had done the deed. So I started going back over my sexual history - and believe me that was scary!

Having lost my virginity at 16 theres a fair few years of fucking to get through, about 5 or 6 girly holidays which potentially means 14 shags a time - doesn't everyone go on holiday and get fucked every which way for 2 weeks at some stage between the ages of 18 and about 25! Two summers of working abroad in my early 20's so that's potentially 8 weeks of shagging in distinctly bizarre places.

I tried to draw up a short list, but couldn't decide which was the most if not bizarre then odd or awkward places.

I came up with the usual suspects, swimming pool, jacuzzi, in the car, against the car, on the beach, on the front of a boat, on a train, pub toilets, chillout areas in clubs and hedges at raves, in fields at parties. I came up with so many that I really couldn't fit them all into one post, so I thought that this one could be a series of strange places!

Going back over my sexual past I thought as far back as I could and one of the first odd places I could come up with, had to be the alleyway leading down to the grave yard in my hometown. I was probably about 18 or 19 I had been in the pub with the girls. I can't remember why we were all home for the weekend, it was a hot night so it could have been a Bank Holiday or a drunken BBQ weekend - they happened a lot, still do in fact main difference is that we are all a lot older, can afford more booze and and we are defiantly no wiser!

We were in the pub, strangely the pub that I later worked in. Even then we all had filthy minds and had probably been discussing various sexual acts in the drunken way that girls do. During the course of the evening the local hottie - ironically on of the few blonde's I have ever got hot and wet in the knickers over, he caught my eye and I caught his!

We spent the rest of the night flirting - yes flirting I am quite good at that I do believe.

We had skirted the issue of whether we were going to fuck each other or not. Towards the end of the evening, I was standing at the bar waiting to be served, I think it was last orders (remember those days, when last orders was at 11.00 pm) the bar was rammed and he came up behind me put his hand down round my waist and grabbed my pussy through my jeans, whispering in my ear "That's mine later" well what could I say, I wanted him to undo my jeans there and then, sit me up on the bar and fuck me hard.

Immediately my mind started working overtime, where the hell was I going to fuck him? Taking him home to my parents house could be a mistake. Theres no way I was going to hold back, I wanted to give him a shag fest that he would remember for a while - even back then I was a bit of a naughty girl!

There was no way I was going back to his, he shared a flat with what seemed to be about 10 other blokes and back then there was no way I would consider any of them joining in! Getting the last round I went back to my friends and bingo the solution popped into my head, one of my oldest friends who was with us, parents were away, simple me and him, front room floor, job done. She was OK with it, she had pulled a hottie as well so she would be doing pretty much the same thing.

As we all left the pub, everyone did their usual and headed down the road, the High Street was packed with pissed people - god I miss 11.30 kick out, everyone meeting in town and messing about, traffic cones, climbing lamp posts the usual drunken antics of a Friday or Saturday night.

As we were all heading back to my friends house, we decided to stop and get some chips - drunk and young, has to be done.

Whilst we were queueing up his hands were wandering and so were mine, back in them days I thought nothing of sliding my hand hands inside a pair of jeans for a handful of cock, no matter where I was or who was watching (these days I'd be a little more subtle). But I guess I've always been a bit of an exhibitionist when it comes to sex!

Anyway wandering hands found one of the hardest biggest cocks I had, had the fortune to come across back then, wrapping my hand around it, I heard him groan in my ear, I realised that he was a lot hornier than I had thought and the thought of that cock in those jeans, was making me very wet at the thought of what we were going to get up to later. I knew that there was no way we were waiting to get back to my friends house.

All thoughts of chips were forgotten, both us us wanted sex and we wanted it now! Grabbing my hand he dragged me out of the take away and straight down the alleyway just down the road. Within seconds we were kissing, hard hot heavy kisses, as clothes were loosened and jeans undone. I didn't care that my jeans were round my ankles in a dirty alleyway and cared even less when they came off completely leaving me standing there in heels and my knickers his mouth working its way down my body.

Now I'm a girl that loves a good licking, but it wasn't the time or place, I wanted to feel that hard cock that I had got a feel of, inside me hard and fast. Quickly though I realised that we weren't actually that far down the alleyway and that anyone walking past could quite possibly see what we were doing! Now these days the idea of someone maybe seeing and watching (preferably with their cock in hand) would make it all the better, but back then I was a little more reserved, only a little, but enough to not want to be caught fucking someone down an alleyway. Grabbing his hand and stopping to pick up my jeans I dragged him further down the alleyway to find a nice metal railing fence and some grass, couldn't think for the life of me where we were but it seemed like a good idea.

Needless to say, within seconds I was being pushed forwards against the railings grabbing one in each hand as he slide his cock into me from behind, (yes a pattern is emerging, me and being fucked from behind LOVE IT). Immediately I was think wow this is big, the promise I had felt in the take-away was just a promise, it was huge. Huge indeed but so so good, pushing back onto his cock, taking as much as I could.

As my eyes adjusted to the moonlight, I could see that there was some kind of garden through the railings, a garden with lots of stone statues!

As he varied the angle slightly I could feel his cock rubbing on my g-spot, although back then I didn't know what it was possibly, but just knew it felt very very good. As he started fucking me harder and harder I let go of one of the railings to reach down and rub my clit, I was going to cum and I was going to cum hard!

As I started to cum I could hear my friends at the top of the alleyway calling us. At that point I couldn't have care less if they had all wandered down the alley and joined in.

As I started to cum hard, we both fell down onto our knees, him pumping hard feeling my pussy griping him hard, and pretty soon pulling out to shoot his load all over my arse cheeks.

As I caught my breath I looked right in front of me and noticed what was right in front of me just through the railings - a big stone with writing on it! When I was standing up it had been below my eye line, but now at ground level, there it was a bloody gravestone! The nice garden with its stone statues was the graveyard.

I could hear footsteps coming and my friends giggling, now I love my friends and since then we have on more than one occasion been in the same room as each other whilst being very very naughty (a holiday thing again) but back then I really didn't fancy the idea of them finding me on my knees by the graveyard with my cum running down my thighs and his cum splattered over my arse cheeks! I figured it would take them about 2 minutes to get down to where we were and I had to try and get my jeans back on over my shoes!

Needless to say I just about managed it, but it was still very obvious what we had been doing. Best Friends hottie looked at my hottie and gave him the laddish yeah nice one wink.

So yes I have over the years had sex in some unusual and sometime naughty places, and do you know what? I hope there will be many, many more.

Please god (and I don't ever ask him for much) don't ever let me become one of those woman who only has sex in bed! Please let Mr Right when he eventually turns up, be as sexually adventurous as me, and I'm not just talking 'hey darling lets do it with the lights on tonight' I mean the passion of looking at each other on a night out and thinking 'lets do it now.' Someone who will come up behind me in the kitchen and push me up against the worktop and fuck me hard, or help me out in the shop changing room, when my zip gets stuck!


Sunday, 17 May 2009


Dominatrix, a term we have all heard. Visions of stern looking women in black leather basques with whips and chains. Stilettos squashing cocks, humiliation. Is that really what domination is about?

To me domination isn't about the physical - whipping and humiliation. Surely that's more about BDSM. For me domination is more about getting into someones head, getting them to do what I want, when I want it, to think about me not themselves. Knowing that at one word from me they will drop everything and attend to my every whim.

But I worry can women ever be truly dominant, isn't there an element to us that wants our man to wrap us in their arms and ravish us occasionally? To throw us down on the bed and do to us the things that we secretly want but like to imagine we are being forced to do.

Most women these days have an element of the dominant in us, and most of our men are very happy with that. Who doesn't want to throw their man back on to the bed and tie him up with silk scarves whilst we do all kinds of naughty things to him, knowing secretly that he's loving every minute of it. Just by the woman going on top and riding her man hard, isn't that in itself is another form of dominance.

One of my favourite fantasies (yes another one) is imagining a man standing in the corner watching me as I masturbate. He has no control over the situation, sometimes his hands are even tied behind his back, but I prefer to think of him being obedient and standing there of his own free will watching, knowing that if he pleases me the rewards will be great. He always has his cock out hard and a little drop of pre-cum glistening on the tip to show just how much he wants to join in but can't, or rather wouldn't dare.

Watching as I slowly run my hands over my breasts, teasing my nipples with my finger nails, pulling hard o them watching them getting harder and harder, the friction sending signals to my pussy making me wet and ready. My legs slowly opening so that he hasull view of my pussy lips opening and the glistening trail of my wetness. Watching as my hands drift down and start to play teasing my clit. My fingers rubbing and thrusting inside my wet pussy, to be joined by one of my favourite toys, knowing that he is wishing that it was his cock filling my wet pussy instead of the toy, the thought if it making his cock harder and his balls tighten.

Well that in itself is to me a kind of dominance, taking my own pleasure whilst my man stands there helpless wanting more than anything to join in but knowing that he can't do anything until I say so.

One of my special facebook friends, (for special facebook friends read person I actually really want to fuck) he loves nothing more than me telling him what to do. He loves the idea of me dominating him, but not in the kinky cock squashing kind of way (well at least he hasn't mentioned that yet, maybe he's just building up the courage to ask me) but the fact that I am in charge - I say if he gets to cum, and if he does how and where. Only allowing him to take his pleasure after he's pleasured me for hours on end with his fingers and tongue.

Sometimes its not even about actual fucking but the fact that I have allowed him to pleasure me. And hey we could all do with a man like that occasionally. On more than one occasion we have shared heated text and phone sessions, and we both get hot and horny during them. The last one was a steamy Sunday exchange and he got so turned on listening to me masturbating, neither of us saying much, just listening to me taking my own pleasure. Even though I couldn't see him I knew he would be rock hard, but wouldn't touch it until I said so and he didn't but I like listening just as much as he does and decided to go again myself whilst listening to him taking his pleasure as I told him how to touch and tease his cock, and heard him calling out my name as he came hard, imagining he was shooting it all over my tits.

Now as you should all be starting to realise I have a very very vivid imagination, so vivid in fact that I love nothing better than putting my fantasies down on paper. On more than one occasion now, I have written something special for particular people, some of which I would never share publicly, but in this case I think he(the same friend)would rather get off on the fact that I have made public what I wrote for him, after all I AM IN CHARGE!

I am sitting at my desk in a vast office, the decor is ultra modern, all glass, chrome and mirrors, in front of my desk is a large glass conference table. Leaning back in my chair with the phone pressed to my ear, my legs resting on the desk, my skirt has risen slightly and the tops of my stocking are just visible.

As I look over to the right a glass partition allows me to look straight into the outer office, where my assistants are sat at their desks, working away at their computers, all except you, you have the phone to your ear and you are in the middle of an obviously very heated conversation. Looking up, you see me watching you and you blush slightly, from your desk you have a perfect view of my legs, and can see the tops of my stockings and a flash of creamy thigh as I move slightly. Immediately you feel your cock starting to harden, just at the thought of what is under my skirt. You have not long been working for me, and you feel slightly ashamed at having such dirty thoughts about your new boss, you never realised that working for a hot sexy woman would be so difficult. In the 6 weeks you have been here, your cock has never seen so much hand action, each night, wanking it long and hard thinking up different dirty scenarios in your head of what it would be like to fuck me, or even just be allowed to lick me out anything to satisfy the craving you have for my pussy.

I know you’re watching and I like it, I shift slightly in my chair sliding further down, my legs opening just a little. My skirt has risen higher and now you can clearly see the tops of my stockings and my parted thighs. Straining your eyes you are desperately trying to see what is further up, trying to get just a glimpse of my pussy and you know you will need to make a trip to the toilet to re-arrange yourself.

Trying to regain your composure, you look away concentrating on the telephone call instead, but you can’t resist looking up every now and then to see if I have revealed any more. The voice on the other end of the phone is getting more and more irate, and you are unsure as to what you should do.

A security guard walks through the door into your office, “There’s a bit of a disturbance downstairs in the lobby, two women are protesting and say they won’t go until they’ve seen whoever is responsible for that add campaign, I’ve tried getting rid of them but they won’t shift.” The irate voice on the other end of the phone is also complaining about the same campaign, which has generated a lot of interest with people saying its sexist making men look all powerful and women as the lowly down trodden housewife, or dogsbody. And worst of all it was put out there by a woman – me. The caller gives up trying to be put through to me and slams the phone down on you.

Seeing the guard I buzz through to the outer office “Martin what is going on out there, I’m in the middle of an important call here.” Quickly you explain what the guard has told you, “Right tell the guard, to bring these ladies up here will you, lets sort this out now.” With that I swing my legs down off the desk and sit up in my chair, checking my lipstick and hair in the mirrored wall opposite me.

I start applying more lipstick, you love watching me do it, there’s something very erotic about it, watching its progress round my mouth and the resulting red glossy pout, you have imagined so many times that redness wrapped around the end of your cock, sliding down your shaft. You can feel yourself starting to harden again.

The guard comes back and with him are two women both wearing very hippyish clothes with long straight blonde hair, but both very attractive in a pure girl next door kind of way. Standing up trying your hardest to disguise your swelling cock, you escort them through the door, I get up from my desk and walk round to the big table asking them to take a seat and sitting down at the table with them myself. As I cross my legs you once again get a glimpse of the top of my stockings and a tiny bit of thigh, you are struggling now to control the hardness that is developing in your boxers, wishing that you were wearing tighter, more restrictive pants, your growing hardness pushing at the waist band of your boxers, clearly visible to me as I am looking straight at you. “That will be all Martin” as you leave the office I push a button and a long curtain swishes into place blocking your view.

Sitting back down you see that the other two assistants have gone out for lunch and you are all alone, not being able to resist you reach down and rub your cock through your trousers, it’s so hard you know that it would only take a few minutes for you to cum, but as no-one else is here you can’t even sneak off to the toilet for a quick wank.

After about 15 minutes the buzzer goes again, “Martin please re-join us and could you please grab the box that is in the bottom drawer on Tom’s desk and bring it with you.” Tom is my other assistant and he has been with me much longer, you sometimes get jealous of the amount of time he spends in my office alone with me, the curtains drawn. You have imagined all kinds of things that we are doing when we are alone in there, him fucking me on the big table, or bent over the desk. Grabbing the box, you can hear things rolling around in it as you walk towards the office.

“Ah Martin, let me introduce you this is Jade and Crystal and they seem to think that my latest campaign is making men look too powerful, I need your help to show them that it isn’t the case and that in this office I am very much in charge.” Reaching over and pulling the box that you have put on the table towards me, I take off the lid and your eyes nearly burst out of your head, inside is a pair of handcuffs and a variety of sex toys, vibrators, double ended dildos, butt plugs, love eggs everything you have ever imagined. Taking out the hand cuffs I get up from the table and walk towards you, “Hands behind your back Martin” you hesitate, not knowing how to react, “NOW” I shout, you feel the cuffs tighten over your wrists and then suddenly you are trapped. Standing in front of you I pull your shirt out of your trousers and then undo the trousers, they slide down your legs, quickly followed by your boxers which are already stained with the evidence of your growing excitement. “Ladies he’s all yours, if you want him, or we could have some fun with these whilst he watches” I say gesturing to the box of toys.

The two ladies immediately start helping each other out of their clothes, your mind racing, what the bloody hell were we discussing whilst you were out of the room that made this happen, they turn to each other and start teasing each other’s nipples, stroking each other’s bodies, leaning in to kiss each other. Reaching behind me and undo the zipper on my skirt, it falls down, leaving me standing there wearing just my blouse and stockings, immediately your eyes are drawn to the fact that my pussy is completely shaven, and you can’t wait till I open my legs slightly so you can get a better look at my pussy lips and wet dewy love hole.

Unfastening my blouse, but leaving it on, you can see my tits encased in red lace, rather than undoing it I lift my tits out of their lacy casing and tease my nipples with my fingers, getting really turned on at the sight of the two women playing with each other in front of me. Taking a big purple vibrator out of the box I sit back down on the chair, sliding forwards lifting my feet in their black stilettos up on to the desk, my pussy open and very wet indeed. So wet, you can see the juices running down between my arse cheeks, hot, juicy and so inviting. I don’t do anything with the toy I just sit there and watch the show that the ladies are giving us.

Reaching into the box one of them picks up the double ended dildo and puts one end of it in her mouth, sucking hard on it, lubricating it with her saliva. You can’t help yourself and let out a groan, imagining it’s your hard cock “No noise Martin or you’ll be getting that dildo yourself.” I say, the thought of it, huge and hard penetrating your tight arsehole terrifies you and excites you at the same time.

Taking the well lubricated dildo from her mouth Crystal pushes Jade back towards the table and down on it and lifting her feet to rest of the edge, her glistening pussy wide open, hairless apart from a small strip of blonde fluff, sliding her finger up and down the wet slit she pauses very quickly to rub the other girls rock hard clit, then slides the dildo as far as it will go into the warm waiting pussy of her friend.

“Suck it” I order you and moving forward you kneel down stumbling slightly without the use of your hands, leaning your head forward Crystal guides the huge latex cock towards your mouth, her other hand on the back of your head pushing you sliding your mouth over it, lubricating it with your own spit, pulling you off of it, she pushes you aside and taking the end of it, slides it between her legs teasing her clit with the end before pushing it deep into her own wet waiting pussy as she does so kneeling up onto the table pushing Jade further back so that they are both in the middle of the glass table, you slump backwards onto your feet, your thighs tight, your cock hard, watching them both chasing their own pleasure either end of the monstrously large dildo, which is much larger than any cock you’ve ever seen. Both of them are starting to reach their orgasm their moans and groans getting louder, their breathing rapid.

By now pre cum is oozing out of your cock, you feel so hard that you think you will burst, your balls high and tight, aching to release a mammoth load. The handcuffs rubbing your wrists as you fight the need to touch yourself and release all that sticky cum.

Looking over to me you see my finger nails painted red to match my lips, sliding in and out of my pussy, circling my clit, my other hand busy stimulating my nipples one at a time, pinching and rolling them between my fingers, moving my hand from my pussy I grab hold of the large vibe and slide it up and down my slit, the low vibration teasing my clit, rubbing it hard before sliding it deep and hard into my wet hole, starting off nice and slow, I increase the pace fucking myself harder and faster, my hips moving forward to meet it, pushing myself further and further towards my orgasm, you can see my juices running out, the vibrator slick with them, getting wetter and wetter, till finally I throw my head back and let out a deep low moan, the force of my orgasm pushing the big toy out of me falling to the floor. Reaching down I tease my clit gently riding the last waves of my orgasm.

Now you desperately need to cum, but more than that you want to touch me, you have lost any interest in the two women who are writhing on the table, you want to bend down and lick the juices off my pussy, cleaning me up, before sliding your tongue deep into me fucking me with your tongue before filling me with your hardness. The thought of this sends you over the edge and you feel your balls tighten as the cum starts spurting out of you, your head back as it cascades down your stomach covering your thighs, it feels like it will never end.

Standing up, I walk across to you straddling you one leg either side of your thighs. In my heels my pussy is just out of reach in your slumped position, grabbing hold of your shirt I pull you up onto your knees again and grind my pussy into your face, your tongue darts out trying to feel and taste as much as you can, sliding it inside me, flicking my clit. Holding on to your shoulders with one hand the other hand is once again pulling on my nipples, suddenly I pull back, “turn sideways” I order, as you shuffle round on your knees you look to the side and realise that at some point I have pressed the button that opens the curtains, and there in the outer office is Tom my senior assistant, standing by the glass with his cock in his hand wanking hard. Before you have the chance to protest I grab your head and push it back between my legs, and although the idea of him watching is weird you can’t resist sliding your tongue in again.

Jade and Crystal have both climbed off the table and are slowly getting back into their clothes, “Suck my clit” I say pushing your head further into me, “So ladies, do you still think that I’m into giving men all the power.” I ask them, they walk over to us and both lean in, one taking one of my nipples each, gently sucking before moving upwards and kissing me at the same time, looking up you can see our three tongues, flicking against each other. Only briefly, “No, we were very wrong about you”, they say picking up their things and leaving the office. As they leave, I take a step back leaving you kneeling there your tongue still slightly out.

Walking behind you I release your hands from the cuffs, “You can go now, I knew when I hired you that you were just the man for the job, I knew that you would fit in so well here” I say and walking to the door I open it or you to leave, “And Tom, is so pleased because he gets to actually fuck me now, one day I might let you to. Tom could you come in please”

Getting to your feet you try and pull your boxers up quickly before he walks in and sees your cum all over your thighs and your cock deflating, as you are walking through the door “Oh and Martin remember in future you don’t go and wank in the toilets unless I say you can, is that clear. Now shut the door and get on with some work.” As you sit back down you can see Tom sliding his cock into me, I haven’t shut the curtains and you realise that you will have to sit there and watch him fuck me, and hope that one day you will be allowed to as well. Maybe there are some perks to working for a woman after all.

It definitely worked for him that naughty scenario that I came up with and do you know what - it really works for me, even now reading through it again I am sitting here with a throbbing pussy and a need to find a man I can order to make me cum hard.

But do you know what, despite that I think a little part of me thinks that occasionally, only occasionally mind you, I quite like the idea of being ravished long and hard by a big strong man.


Friday, 15 May 2009


According to quite a lot of men I've been chatting too lately, everyone is doing it. And if your not, hey apparently your really missing out ladies (the words of a man not me)! Are we really doing it, or is it just a naughty little fantasy in men's heads?

We all saw Sex in the City when the girls were in the back of the cab asking when did anal join the sexual menu, "Who wants to be the up the butt girl" I agree.

Oral was the dirty shag of the 80's and now a dirty shag has progressed to being back door action!

A good friend of mine(male)told me something which I found very telling in more than one way, "It's good, but not something you do with your Mrs" now the way I see it you can take that various ways:-

No. 1 Your wife/girlfriend wont do it, so that's why so many guys fantasize about it and end up having one night stands with the dirty shag that will! More about her later.

No. 2 They respect/love their wife/girlfriend too much to do it with her.

No. 3 They can't even imagine having to even ask their wife/girlfriend to do it, they wouldn't even have the courage to ask, just in case it meant that any kind of sex was off the cards for a while.

Hell I know guys that practically have to beg for a blow job, let alone ask their other half is up for a bit of anal!

The funniest thing I ever heard about it, was a the guy who I used to go out with and he said that it's exciting because it's naughty and not allowed. The best bit though had to be that when I said I wasn't really sure about it, he said that to him that's how he could tell if the woman really loved him, because love is giving all of yourself to someone! I bet his wife doesn't take it up the arse, or even get asked to.

At the time I did think to myself, OK then matey lets see how you would react to having my anatomically correct and life size cock dildo shoved repeatedly up your arse. Shame I didn't say that to him at the time, because now it would seem that he's quite up for that.

Now don't get me wrong I'm not adverse to anal play, fingers, tongues, toys, all OK by me, but the full cock in arse thing, really not sure about that, and despite public opinion (OK generally male) I know very few women who actually really want to do it/like doing it. I think they just think it's expected these days.

Whenever the subject gets bought up, my friends and I are very open about everything sexual and always have been. I have to say I nearly choked on my cuppa the other day when whilst sitting in my friends kitchen have a gossip with her kids playing she said "Do you think Sarah takes it up the arse? I think she does" Well there was tea all over the place and I very nearly wet myself laughing, so of course we then spent the next 20 minutes or so debating anal and whether we would do it.

Whenever we talk about it - yes it crops up in conversation between me and my friends quite a lot, especially on a boozy night out! I can't help but think back to a few years ago. Well OK a more than a few years possibly about 12 years ago when I worked part time in a pub - method in my madness, got pissed on the drinks that grateful punters bought me, and as I always ensured that my tits were well displayed the drinks bought for me were plentiful, and I got paid to do it as well - work that is not display my tits!

Anyway, one night I think I was a good way into a bottle of JD, a young man caught my attention, he was way too young for me (like I cared) but so beautiful looking, I just couldn't resist, strange for me (not), the strangest thing wasn't his age but that he was blonde and I just don't normally fancy blondes. To cut a long story short after a huge amount of superb flirting on both parts, he ended up doing me doggy in the cubicle of the men's toilets during my break - yeah classy I know.

As I was furiously rubbing my clit trying to cum before he in his youthful excitement, shot his load (needn't have rushed he performed very very well as it went) anyway I digress - as he got a little more daring and wrapped my hair round his hand (I think he'd been watching a lot of porn) he pulled my head up and there it was in permanent marker pen on the cubicle wall "Lisa Phillips, takes it up the ARSE."

The worse thing was that I knew her and also knew for certain that at least one of my male friends had fucked her in recent weeks. I couldn't quite believe it, she was quite new around and only 18 tops, was this what 18 year old girls were doing not to get a shag?

Of course female curiosity got the better of me, now I just wanted jailbait to hurry up and finish so I could go and grab the man in question and ask him if it was true. Part of me thought do I really want to know, could I still be his friend if he had been the one that did her up the arse and left a message to every other man that went in there that if they fancied it she would be up for it! It turned out that she had actually asked my friend if he wanted to and he had said no, I did wonder whether he was telling me the truth and he had but didn't want to admit it but hey, it was 1997 or 98 and back then anal was definitely a very dirty shag!

From a personal point of view, would I do it? Still undecided, as I said anal play yes please, nothing makes me cum harder than being fucked hard from behind with a guy fingering my arse whilst I rub furiously on my clit. How did I realise how much I liked this, well it would have to be the good old fashioned, alcohol fueled one night stand! Best part of it was he was a very good friends with my very protective big brother and so I knew that whatever we got up to, he couldn't tell a soul!

But do you know what there is a world of difference between a finger, or a slim smooth toy and the power and friction of a real cock, come on girls we all know how sore things can get when you've been at it for too long with guys who think they have the smallest cock in the world!

It seems to be becoming more and more a part of normal everyday sex, they even sell anal toys in store at Anne Summers now, you only used to be able to get things like that on their website!

Strangely the number of men who freely admit to liking a bit of anal intrusion is on the up as well - OK there's the whole prostate thing for them, maybe they have discovered that for themselves and think we must enjoy it just as much. One of my facebook friends has told me on more than one occasion that if he feels like treating himself and having a really naughty wank, he will stick a nicely lubed up finger up his arse. Makes him cum harder and longer than normal.

So the jury here is still out on anal, its certainly not something I would even contemplate with someone new and definitely not a first time with a new man kind of thing - no one wants to be Lisa Phillips do they!

Guys seem to want to do it, but girls are a little bit more reluctant - I wonder what that is? xxxx

Monday, 11 May 2009


Recently, during my mammoth masturbation sessions, and there have been a lot of them believe me. Well anyway I have spent a lot of them fantasizing about being spanked, not sure whether I really want to do it for real, but it certainly presses all the right buttons when I'm thinking about it. Anyway I was so turned on by it that one of my closest facebook friends and I for this I will call him "Chris" had a conversation about it on AIM, as I remember it I decided to email him what I actually had in mind.

The email went something like this:-

"I was actually thinking along the lines of you spanking me, making me stand in front of you and telling me how naughty I'd been whilst you reach up and pulled my knickers down to my knees, grabbing hold of me and pulling me down over your lap, my arse high in the air and my pussy gaping for all to see, running your hands up and down my thighs and across my arse cheeks, warming my skin before spanking me hard with your palm.

Spanking me a few times and then stopping running your hands over my arse cheeks again, soothing them, running one finger down my wet slit feeling how wet I am getting from your spanking. Just sliding one finger inside my wetness before pulling it out again and making me lick my juices from it.

Starting to spank me again, moving lower so your spanking my pussy lips as well, starting to spank a little bit harder, the force of your palm pushing me against your hard cock, my nipples rubbing against my bra as I am thrust forwards.

Moving one hand down to tease my clit as you carry on spanking with the other one. Then stopping just before I cum. Pushing me off your lap and onto all fours on the floor facing you , pushing your hard cock towards my mouth and ordering me to push my arse high in the air so you can see my arse cheeks glowing red as I suck hard on your cock."

Well I think you get the picture, it's quite a departure for me, having always been quite dominant in a sexual way, I know what I like and that's what I'm going to get, but the idea of it in my fantasies makes me cum so hard that I have started to wonder whether I'd like it for real.

The fantasies seem to be getting more and more elaborate about it as well, the email was pretty much the start but now they are getting more and more naughty. The latest also involving someone/lots of people watching the action.

I am a huge fan of erotic fiction, and the other day I bought a book about a girl that loves being spanked (it was a few days after the first fantasy and I though it too much of a co-incidence so I bought it) anyway in it, the main character gets spanked in various situations but the one that turned me on te most was when she was spanked and fucked in a room full of people, all watching, and a couple participating. I read the whole book in about 3 hours and possible came at least 3 times.

The friend I sent the email to was pretty appreciative of it all as well, he replied rather quickly with his own spin on it:-

"Oh Lola, such a filthy imagination!!

That sounds very very sexy baby and it's got my cock very hard again. You have such sexy thighs and arse that I'd love to run my hands all over them before I spank you hard. Want to use my hands to spread your red cheeks wide apart as well. Feasting my eyes on your sexy tight hole before smacking you again for being such a naughty girl. You're a greedy girl to want to taste your own pussy juices but I'm guessing that you will be so wet that there will be some for me to taste too baby.

I think after your spanking and having sucked on my hard cock for a while that I might have to use MY tongue to soothe some of that redness on your sexy bottom. Hope you won't resist too much if I start with gentle kisses on the red hand marks and then snake my tongue right into your tight little arse, licking all the way up your crack and poking the tip of my tongue hard against your opening. If you are still on all fours I can move to lick your wet open pussy and slide a finger into your arse. Naughty girls get spanked but if they say they are sorry they get a good hard fuck too."

Jus reading it back now has got me thinking very naughty thoughts and a destinct wetness in the knickers area. So I guess that settles it spanking is now on the agenda, my sexual wish list as it were, but I still don't think that the real me, the dominant, sexually confident me will be lurking to far in the background, and no doubt if he's up for it, it could very well be my turn to do the spanking pretty soon after that!

Saturday, 9 May 2009

How did I get here?

So how did I get here then?

Love can make you mad and can make you do very strange things, things you never though for a second you would do.

What has it made me do I hear you ask? Well to put it bluntly and to cut a long story short it has resulted in me showing pictures of my pussy and tits to random men to whom I have no connection whatsoever and who I have never met. Not just pictures but videos too of me plundering my depths with various implements.

Enjoyable? Hell yeah, but hey who would have thought it that me who hates having her picture taken would end up doing such a thing. Scandalous maybe, but bloody great fun as well.

It has given me a huge insight into what is going on inside the minds of your average man, not just what most people would consider dirty pervs, or lonely men, but your average everyday guy.

Some of them so hot that it makes me want to weep, and by that I mean in the knickers department, as well as the traditional way! Young guys so hot that you wonder why they are not getting what it is they seem to want from their women.

So getting back to business, how did I get here? Very simply I fell in love, for the first time in my thirty something years on this planet of ours I actually let my guard down and let someone in. I even said those immortal words "I love you" and do you know what he said it to me as well over and over again sometimes 50 times a day, something that has never happened to me before, no man had ever said to me those words that we secretly all long to hear.

Over time I will probbaly feel the need to reveal the whole sorry story, but hey then you'd all just get bored and not read anymore! Anyway the result of it was that after all his declarations of love, and promises to marry me and make my life so much better, he broke my heart. Not just a little crack, but a full on nuclear blast, mushroom cloud fall out break.

So I hatched a plan - especially when I found out the extent of his lies and deception. I've never really been vindictive and revenge was for those mad women you read about in Take a Break magazine. But this guy wasn't going to get away with it at all. Although revenge not being my bag I had to think long and hard about how to achieve it. Revenge as they say is a dish best served cold and boy, the revenge is so cold its nearly 4 months down the line. But cold definately shouldn't be the way of describing it, HOT HOT HOT is more apt.