Saturday, 9 May 2009

How did I get here?

So how did I get here then?

Love can make you mad and can make you do very strange things, things you never though for a second you would do.

What has it made me do I hear you ask? Well to put it bluntly and to cut a long story short it has resulted in me showing pictures of my pussy and tits to random men to whom I have no connection whatsoever and who I have never met. Not just pictures but videos too of me plundering my depths with various implements.

Enjoyable? Hell yeah, but hey who would have thought it that me who hates having her picture taken would end up doing such a thing. Scandalous maybe, but bloody great fun as well.

It has given me a huge insight into what is going on inside the minds of your average man, not just what most people would consider dirty pervs, or lonely men, but your average everyday guy.

Some of them so hot that it makes me want to weep, and by that I mean in the knickers department, as well as the traditional way! Young guys so hot that you wonder why they are not getting what it is they seem to want from their women.

So getting back to business, how did I get here? Very simply I fell in love, for the first time in my thirty something years on this planet of ours I actually let my guard down and let someone in. I even said those immortal words "I love you" and do you know what he said it to me as well over and over again sometimes 50 times a day, something that has never happened to me before, no man had ever said to me those words that we secretly all long to hear.

Over time I will probbaly feel the need to reveal the whole sorry story, but hey then you'd all just get bored and not read anymore! Anyway the result of it was that after all his declarations of love, and promises to marry me and make my life so much better, he broke my heart. Not just a little crack, but a full on nuclear blast, mushroom cloud fall out break.

So I hatched a plan - especially when I found out the extent of his lies and deception. I've never really been vindictive and revenge was for those mad women you read about in Take a Break magazine. But this guy wasn't going to get away with it at all. Although revenge not being my bag I had to think long and hard about how to achieve it. Revenge as they say is a dish best served cold and boy, the revenge is so cold its nearly 4 months down the line. But cold definately shouldn't be the way of describing it, HOT HOT HOT is more apt.

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