Monday, 11 May 2009


Recently, during my mammoth masturbation sessions, and there have been a lot of them believe me. Well anyway I have spent a lot of them fantasizing about being spanked, not sure whether I really want to do it for real, but it certainly presses all the right buttons when I'm thinking about it. Anyway I was so turned on by it that one of my closest facebook friends and I for this I will call him "Chris" had a conversation about it on AIM, as I remember it I decided to email him what I actually had in mind.

The email went something like this:-

"I was actually thinking along the lines of you spanking me, making me stand in front of you and telling me how naughty I'd been whilst you reach up and pulled my knickers down to my knees, grabbing hold of me and pulling me down over your lap, my arse high in the air and my pussy gaping for all to see, running your hands up and down my thighs and across my arse cheeks, warming my skin before spanking me hard with your palm.

Spanking me a few times and then stopping running your hands over my arse cheeks again, soothing them, running one finger down my wet slit feeling how wet I am getting from your spanking. Just sliding one finger inside my wetness before pulling it out again and making me lick my juices from it.

Starting to spank me again, moving lower so your spanking my pussy lips as well, starting to spank a little bit harder, the force of your palm pushing me against your hard cock, my nipples rubbing against my bra as I am thrust forwards.

Moving one hand down to tease my clit as you carry on spanking with the other one. Then stopping just before I cum. Pushing me off your lap and onto all fours on the floor facing you , pushing your hard cock towards my mouth and ordering me to push my arse high in the air so you can see my arse cheeks glowing red as I suck hard on your cock."

Well I think you get the picture, it's quite a departure for me, having always been quite dominant in a sexual way, I know what I like and that's what I'm going to get, but the idea of it in my fantasies makes me cum so hard that I have started to wonder whether I'd like it for real.

The fantasies seem to be getting more and more elaborate about it as well, the email was pretty much the start but now they are getting more and more naughty. The latest also involving someone/lots of people watching the action.

I am a huge fan of erotic fiction, and the other day I bought a book about a girl that loves being spanked (it was a few days after the first fantasy and I though it too much of a co-incidence so I bought it) anyway in it, the main character gets spanked in various situations but the one that turned me on te most was when she was spanked and fucked in a room full of people, all watching, and a couple participating. I read the whole book in about 3 hours and possible came at least 3 times.

The friend I sent the email to was pretty appreciative of it all as well, he replied rather quickly with his own spin on it:-

"Oh Lola, such a filthy imagination!!

That sounds very very sexy baby and it's got my cock very hard again. You have such sexy thighs and arse that I'd love to run my hands all over them before I spank you hard. Want to use my hands to spread your red cheeks wide apart as well. Feasting my eyes on your sexy tight hole before smacking you again for being such a naughty girl. You're a greedy girl to want to taste your own pussy juices but I'm guessing that you will be so wet that there will be some for me to taste too baby.

I think after your spanking and having sucked on my hard cock for a while that I might have to use MY tongue to soothe some of that redness on your sexy bottom. Hope you won't resist too much if I start with gentle kisses on the red hand marks and then snake my tongue right into your tight little arse, licking all the way up your crack and poking the tip of my tongue hard against your opening. If you are still on all fours I can move to lick your wet open pussy and slide a finger into your arse. Naughty girls get spanked but if they say they are sorry they get a good hard fuck too."

Jus reading it back now has got me thinking very naughty thoughts and a destinct wetness in the knickers area. So I guess that settles it spanking is now on the agenda, my sexual wish list as it were, but I still don't think that the real me, the dominant, sexually confident me will be lurking to far in the background, and no doubt if he's up for it, it could very well be my turn to do the spanking pretty soon after that!

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