Tuesday, 18 August 2009


Is it still fun?

Do I still need Lola in my life?

Is it time to let the real me have a little more fun?

Questions that have been floating about in my head over the last few days, mainly because they have been put there by someone!

Thought provoking online chats, chats that have left my pussy throbbing and my head pounding, finally someone who has been inquisitive enough to look further than Lola from the outset. No weeks of flirting and getting to know each other, or rather them getting to know Lola, just BANG straight in there why do I feel the need to hide behind a persona when I am clearly a very special person (his words not mine, before you think I'm getting big headed).

So as I said in my post on Sunday I've fallen into this trap before though, let myself get caught up in the whirlwind of that first flirtation and those first naughty exchanges. That hasn't turned out too well, so where to go from here? What I have realised is that what I have failed to accept up until now, is that the vast majority of these people no matter how many questions they ask, the hours spent online flirting and getting to know each other no matter what I do, or reveal about my real self, some of these people no matter how I feel about them, will NEVER see past Lola and never see me as anything but Lola and why should they, that was what attracted them in the first place, whether it be through facebook or through the blog, it was Lola with her legs or tits, that attracted them to me, so why would they want to see anything but Lola.

This man has he got under my skin! In a way that hasn't happened for a while, the difference being this time he is very keen to merge the fantasy with the reality (arghhh scary). This is someone who makes me smile and laugh out loud, but also makes me want to be very very naughty indeed. I am amazed that in a very short time he has got into my head - which is definitely the quickest way to get into my knickers.

What is it they say that the largest erogenous zone that we humans have is the mind!

That's the beauty of modern technology, msn, AIM, email and text messaging have made it possible for us to make each other cum hard, fuck each others brains out, without actually being in the same room, or without actually meeting each other in some cases.

Am I hiding behind Lola, she was only ever supposed to be around for a few months to set up Mr X and then she would disappear quietly and I would go back to being me!

I'm not saying it's time to go back to just being me, but is it time to start merging the two a little more?

The last few posts have been a lot more personal, a fact that a few friends have picked up on and have said they preferred them, because they are a little more 'me' and these are people I have got to know very well.

So I think that inadvertently Lola is becoming a little more me, but what about real life can real life become a little more Lola?

Can I take the risk, try and see if I can merge the two. Two things are certain, my face and my name are still mine. Lola, will forever be faceless, those who have seen my face are the privileged few, those that know my name even fewer and that's the way I like it.

So can I take the risk, still not sure but a few more thought provoking chats may help me to come to the decision.

Sorry deep and not at all naughty again - don't worry I'll give you something dirty soon.


Sunday, 16 August 2009


Yes I am feeling very random, I have things in my head that are bothering me.

They won't go away and I feel the need to put them to bed so to speak so that the craziness that's going on in my head at the moment can quieten down and let me enjoy the evening.

It's been a strange old few days. I was starting to have doubts about whether 'Lola' was what I really wanted anymore. I guess I just got a little fed up with it always being so one-sided, always on other peoples terms, not mine and that was never supposed to be the way it worked.

Why should I listen to someone wanking in the middle of the night when I can't even speak (long story) when I know dammed well that if I'm feeling horny and wanted the same, it's not going to happen! But is that what I should expect as Lola?

Then the weekend has kind of made up for that, I re-discovered my friends list and a couple of really good fun chats with people made things seem much better.

I have perhaps got myself stuck in a rut and have been relying on people that I perhaps shouldn't for my fun, maybe it's times to realise that, that particular fun is over and they have obviously moved onto filthiness new, so perhaps I should too.

Something strange has happened to me in the last 48 hours as well I have been a lot more 'open' with people than I have ever even thought about before.

Scary? Very, but also a little freeing if that makes sense. More of the complete me rather than just 'Lola' and refreshing to find that there are people that want to know more about me than just the naughty persona and that see through the Lolaness of it all.

I've fallen into this trap before though, let myself get caught up in the whirlwind of that first flirtation and those first naughty exchanges. That hasn't turned out too well, so where to go from here?

I'm more open to things though, even giving some suggestions that have been made some serious consideration.

I'm going to give Lola a reprieve for now, but we shall see, maybe Lola is losing her appeal not just for me but for others as well.


Tuesday, 4 August 2009


What counts as great sex?

Does great sex have to be with someone who's in the same room?

Is it actually possibly that the best, most compatible sex you ever had, could be with someone you've never met?

Just a few of the questions floating around in my increasingly empty mind in the last few days. How did it start? In the usual way a girly night out! Yep me and my ladies talking about sex, yet again.

Only problem we weren't keeping it to ourselves this time, there seemed to be a whole array of various people joining in on the discussion.

Imagine then being asked the question "What's the best sex you ever had?" by the nephew of the person you had the best sex ever with, when his nephew and indeed most of your friends don't even know you've fucked him!

But it got me thinking, if it's about the best sex, does that necessarily mean in these times of phone, text and online chat sex, that the best sex you ever had, could be with someone you've never actually met?

So even though I was a good JD or eight down the bottle, I started thinking about whether FBD (the guy from the last post) was he really the best sex ever, or just the best actual sex ever, because I'm starting to think that the best sex I ever had wasn't the kind I have had in real life!

Firstly it got me thinking back to the early days of Lola, the first incarnation as it were, when it was all new and very un-known and when for one reason or another I seemed to be permanently horny. Ironically it was these early days when I was a walking jumble of ranging horniness, that me and FBD finally fell apart, mainly I should add because he couldn't cope with Lola - the part of me, that he had helped unleash, he couldn't cope with!

Anyway back in the early days, it was all about the unknown, and that appealed to me back then - like many many faceless one night stands without the embarrassment of waking up next to someone you don't know, or having to do the walk of shame at some stupid time in the morning because you have crept out before Mr Faceless wakes up!

I digress in the early days of Lola it was purely faceless unknown and very very dirty and at the time I loved it. Some of those originals are still with me, some aren't. Some have become very good friends and some have become a close to me as my best friends.

And another, well he could be coming very close to the best sex I ever had!

I have found myself questioning it over the last few days, best actual sex has to begrudgingly go to FBD and ironically it was also last time we ever had sex.

It was a cold boring Saturday morning, we had been in the pub drinking together the night before, but for some reason, can't remember why, we hadn't gone home together, which in it's self was very unusual for us. I was lying in my bed, cup of tea, packet of Duchy of Cornwall stem ginger and dark chocolate cookies (my favourite) and crap Saturday TV. My phone bleeped a text, was nice and cosy and did actually consider ignoring it, but when I saw who it was from I couldn't resist. All it said was.

"If your home alone text yes, if not ignore me"

Well what's a girl to do but say yes, was I intrigued you bet. So I sent the appropriate reply. By now I was sitting up in bed any thoughts of biscuits or cups of tea out of my head. Waiting for another text I could feel the excitement rising. Knowing him as well as I did, I knew it would be good, always was.

Finally it arrived "I'm coming round to fuck you, you need to be wearing your sexiest underwear, you know which ones I really like. Knee length boots, and when you answer the door I want you to take charge. You have 20 minutes"

Just reading it I could feel myself getting wet. This was quite a departure for him, previously he had always been very much in charge. Jumping out of bed I quickly jumped in the shower, my nipples were already rock hard and soaping them with shower gel made them tingle, followed by the ZING of that invisible connection between your nipples and clit, making just showering very very difficult. Did I have time for a shower time quickie, not really but I could very possibly give myself a little tease making sure that when he arrived I was more then ready to welcome him in.

I have to admit that I was a naughty girl and had a little rub of my clit, feeling my juices stirring and the zing turning into a definite throb. He wanted sexy and me in control he was going to get it! Black and silver corset, with attached black suspenders, black fishnets and to top it all off knee high black patent leather boots with heels (mmm should sound familiar see my picture).

Looking at my watch I realised that the 20 mins was up, the anticipation of it all was going a long way to making me very very horny, the evidence of this starting to coat the tops of my thighs. As I waited by the front door I could feel my pussy lips rubbing together in my wetness, sowing the seed of an idea - he wanted me in charge he was going to get it!

Leaning my back against the front door I let my fingers stray downwards, just rubbing and teasing my clit, still not enough pressure to make myself cum, just enough to keep my on the brink.

The knock startled me and I took a second before I answered, checking the spy hole (best not greet the postman looking like madame whiplash) I could see him standing there, my heart gave a lurch - remember feelings were involved here. As I opened the door with one hand I rubbed my clit with the other and as he walked through the door and as soon as he realised what I was doing, I removed my hand and slid my sticky wet fingers into his mouth.

Grabbing him by his belt I pulled him towards me and slide my tongue into his mouth tasting my juices on his lips. I started walking back wards up the stairs and still without saying anything he knew to follow me up. As I reached the top of the stairs I turned round and opened my legs slightly wider, looking at him, I put my hand on his chest to stop him coming up any further, moving my hands to his shoulders I pushed down.

"I got a little excited waiting for you, lick me clean"

Never one to have to be asked twice to get his tongue involved, he was on his knees a few stairs lower than me and his tongue was starting to work its magic. I was so turned on already that I knew there was a very good chance that I might cum just from this, especially if he was to add a finger or two, that would be it.

Looking down I could see his cock straining in his jeans and the thought of what was behind his flies was making my mouth water. But I had to stay in control, not launch myself on his cock! No if I was going to do this properly and why the hell shouldn't I, I was going to make the most of it. The combination of the situation, what his clever tongue was doing and the naughty thoughts in my head, made for a potent cocktail and I came hard and fast, my fingernails digging into his shoulders.

On very shaky legs I made me way to my bedroom and knowing what was hidden under the pillows I lay back against them, opening my legs slightly so that he could see quite clearly the effects of what had already happened.

"Start undressing, jeans last and nice and slow" I said.

Watching as he raced to get out of his clothes, when he was down to jeans only, I could feel the anticipation building knowing that the thick hard cock that was waiting behind the prison of denim was going to give me vast amounts of pleasure quite shortly. I could see the dominant side of him starting to reassert itself, rather then taking off his jeans nice and slow as I had said he just undid them and started to rub his shaft through the fabric, slowly starting to ease them down a little so I could see the head just peaking out of the top of his fly.

"I said undress, and I didn't say you could touch yourself did I?" Time to regain the upper hand I thought.

As I said this I reached my hand under the pillow and pulled out my favourite toy, starting to tease my already very sensitive clit. Watching his face, knowing that any minute now he was going to either explode and cum all over his jeans, or he wouldn't be able hold back anymore and he would possibly pull me down the bed by my ankles and slide his cock hard and fast inside me. I was starting to think that although I was enjoying having the upper hand, I was in desperate need of his cock. Trying to gauge his mood I carried on teasing, watching his face as he also battled with his need to take over and the obvious enjoyment he was getting from me being in charge.

Dilemma? definitely. Kind of goes back to what I said in can women be truly dominant I enjoy taking charge, but in the long run, what do I want? Well, I wanted him to throw me down and ravish me. But in this situation where he was so specific in his desires, that he had taken time to think about it before hand, something he had never done before, was this just a time that I needed to just carry on as it was going and forget the increasing throbbing need between my legs for his cock. Luckily I didn't have to deliberate much longer, he solved the problem for me.

"If I don't fuck you soon, I will be cuming all over myself." He said, at the same time as I had predicted grabbing my ankles and pulling me down the bed kneeling in the end of the bed he pulled my legs up high and slid his cock in hard and fast, no teasing, no gentleness, just full on hard and fast.

I don't know what it was that made this encounter so good, especially as ultimately it turned out to be the last time, part of me in a weird way thinks I kind of knew that whilst it was happening. Maybe its was a good thing, anything after that may have been difficult to beat.

So that was the best real sex, so how about what I said about is it possible that the best sex is with someone you never even met.

I have long thought that the greatest erogenous zone we have is the mind, hell as someone who owns about 50 plus black lace erotic novels, that in itself shows that for me its all about what goes on my head. But what if you had someone who could do that for you?

Someone who always said the right thing, who instinctively knows what to say to make things go with a zing. Just hearing his voice makes that twitch in my knickers happen, even if we are just talking about normal stuff, no sex involved, just hearing him say he's laying on his bed and my knickers - if indeed I am wearing any, are getting damp.

People often ask me how do you know your a good shag and I often reply, "I have sex with myself a lot and I think I'm fucking amazing." Maybe that combined with the added benefits of someone who can make me feel so horny, and say all the right things to make it something mind blowing. Maybe that is the best sex ever.