Saturday, 25 July 2009


We have all done it, well most of us anyway. Yep the one night stand.

I know very few people who haven't had one. Hell between the ages of about 18 and 21 my life could possibly have been classified as one long one night stand!

OK I had the odd few that I just fucked now and again when neither of us had managed to pull anyone else. In my defence I grew up in a small town so the amount of talent was limited and you didn't want to end up shagging the dregs did you.

But can someone you fuck more than once and start getting to know, can that still be called no-strings sex. I get so fed up with people referring to people that they frequently bump uglies with their fuck buddy - there is no such thing as a fuck buddy, bloody sex and the city again! Speaking from a purely female perspective (I haven't asked any of my male friends) you cannot have sex with someone regularly, waking up with them, hearing about their lives without having some feelings for them.

How do I know this? I speak from experience! I was a fully fledged grown up as well not a silly giggly late teen, shamefully over 30 and I ended up falling hook line and sinker, so much so that for the best part of four and a half years I didn't have sex with anyone else but him - the ex doesn't count really because of the Mr. Floppy situation!

But the worst thing is that this was someone that I initially had a shameful one night stand with - amazing sex but shameful none the less. Shameful why? Because he was someone who in the past I wouldn't have even shagged with someone else's girly bits. The local boy bike, that everyone seemed to have shagged at some point. He had a nasty reputation, he was a bit of a player, had distributed DVD's of him fucking his last girlfriend up the arse and had a habit of trying to get every girl he fucked to replay what had happened in that video - he had definitely read that graffiti in the toilets at the pub! But not me I had managed to avoid that for a good 10 or more years.

But hey it's surprising what you will do when you have mixed your drinks - JD and Coke, Pimms, Cider and Bacardi and Coke when the JD ran out.

If I hadn't mixed my drinks I would never have started discussing porn with him at a BBQ, and certainly would have never invited him back to mine to watch the said porn film, if we hadn't watched the film neither of us would have got so horny and we certainly would never have had the filthy and quite amazing sex that we ended up having.

And this proves my theory, after this initial encounter - which certainly broadened my horizons in more than one way! (This particular encounter was where I discovered that double penetration was good, cock in pussy, and small vibe in my arse and also that if the said vibe was turned on it was very enjoyable for both of us). After this initial encounter, I had no desire whatsoever to go there again and appreciated it for what it was, a night of amazing sex with someone that I had never really imagined myself with and someone that I wouldn't really want to fuck again.

Secretly I was a little bit embarrassed for having fucked him, I had just become another notch on boy bike's bedpost! Not something I was going to broadcast I didn't even tell my best friend who I usually tell everything. And after that initial encounter never gave him anymore thought. Well not until about three or four months later I bumped into him in the pub, both of us were trying to avoid saying anything and avoiding the fact that we had seen each other naked, but it wasn't awkward.

Next thing I know I am at home, having got back and changed into my PJ's and he is knocking on my door. Before I have even shut the front door he has me up against the wall and is pulling my pj's down and his finger immediately hit the spot, as he slid his fingers in between my pussy lips, he slid his tongue into my mouth and started rubbing around my clit nice and slow before starting to push 2 fingers inside my bubbling pussy. Still with his fingers inside me he pulled me through the door into the kitchen.

Best thing about him was his un-predictability I never knew what he was going to try next. Pulling his fingers out he lifted me up on to the worktop just resting my arse on the edge as he put my legs over his shoulders, pushing me backwards against the wall he went for gold - his tongue flicking a nice fast pace on my clit, as he finger fucked me hard and fast. Just as i was about to cum, he pulled me off the worktop spun me round and before I had time to register what was happening he was pushing his rock hard cock inside me, fucking me hard as I tried to get my hand between the cupboard and me so that I could rub my clit. He was pushing me so hard against the side that I couldn't get my hand down there. It didn't seem to matter it was one of those times when I was so horny that it I was just enjoying being fucked it wasn't about cuming it was just about getting pounded hard by a master cocksman.

Needless to say that second night was just the start of many, sometimes we would go a couple of months without seeing each other. I knew he was seeing other people as well, but pretty quickly I started to get those dreaded feelings. How could two people that had such amazing sex together not be meant to be together. The more I got to know him the more we both realised that we were the male/female versions of each other, we had both had had similar childhood and the same traumas growing up, and when we were together it was amazing, not just the sex but the compatibility.

Pretty soon though the whole things started making me feel really horrible. I started to feel very insecure about myself - if this guy who a few years ago I wouldn't have looked twice at didn't want to be with me, why would anyone else. I think that was when I started to doubt myself and that's when with my guard dropped I started chatting online to an old school friend and that old school friend turned out to be the callous, twisted man that is 'the' ex!

True to form, as soon as it became apparent that I was seeing someone else my so called fuck buddy suddenly realised that if I fell in love with someone or was seeing someone, he might start to miss out on all the great sex! Within weeks of me starting to see Mr X, FB was texting and popping round asking me to copy CDs for him and that kind of thing. One night when I was out with friends he would ask me if he could come round later. Strangely for me (fidelity never having been a part of my previous relationships) I said no, however this was good this was when he really became my friend.

When things started going wrong with Mr X guess who was there to offer me a shoulder to cry on! After a while, and after yet another frustrating visit from Mr X where he had been unable to fuck me properly yet again, FB popped round on the Friday night literally 24 hours after X had left. And 3 days of frustrations got the better of me and I started telling him what had happened, how my dream relationship wasn't working and how bad things had got. Up until this point our sex had always been very physical, he would never have been someone who could stimulate my dirty mind. But this night, he sat on the sofa with me, we had started watch a film and I was laying with my legs on his lap he told me slowly and quietly exactly what he would have been doing with me for 3 days. All the time gently stroking my lower legs.

I don't think he even got above my knees, but I was very aware of my pussy very wet, juices running down between my arse cheeks. Every time I moved even slightly I could feel my pussy lips rubbing together, making me even wetter. My nipples were rock hard and very obvious through my thin silk camisole top. In my head I was running through a few fantasy scenarios making the most of this feeling.

"Take your trousers off and get on the floor on all fours now, I said" the sound of his voice suddenly breaking through my fantasy. Pushing my legs off his lap he stood up and took my hand pulling me up. Reaching down he pulled the drawstring that held me trousers up and they fell to my feet. "On the floor" he said again. Without a second thought for what I was doing, or for Mr X I was on all fours on the floor. My pussy and arse lewdly displayed for him, and a lot more on show than normal given that one of Mr X's kinks was he liked to lay me on the bed and shave my pussy completely and FB obviously appreciated it! No sooner had I stuck my arse in the air, he was sliding his hard throbbing eight and a half inches straight inside my wetness.

No foreplay, just cock hard and fast. "Let's not fuck about, you need hard cock and if he can't give it to you I guess it's down to me." By this time he was pounding me hard his hands on my hips pulling me back hard against his cock, knowing from past experience that he could go on like this for a long time, I just surrendered myself to the joy of being filled by hot hard cock.

Afterwards I tried to convince myself that this had been my way of saying goodbye to him. Although Mr X was unable to fuck me properly he could manage all kinds of other things, all good. Not only that, sexually I wanted FB but in every other way I was 100% in love with Mr X and no matter what my love for him was stronger than my need for hard cock!

Not long after that things started to go wrong, not because of the sex, more to do with the fact that the evidence was becoming undeniable the stories of his wife not being quite so ex were all true, despite many opportunities to tell me the truth he denied her till the bitter end.

And guess who was waiting in the wings with more amazing sex, that was getting better and better, I had thought we had been doing the best for four years but this was out of this world, mind blowing sex. The kind of sex that has you grinning like an idiot in the supermarket as you get a flashback of something particularly naughty.

The irony of it all, that this so called Fuck Buddy, a man I had ever intended to even fuck in the first place, had taken the place of the man that could have been the man I wanted to spend the rest of my life with!

So can someone you have sex with a lot, a fuck buddy to use that horrible term, can you fuck someone over and over again and it still be no-strings sex, the answer is most definitely NO!