Sunday, 25 October 2009


Blasts from the past just keep getting more and more interesting.

As I said before there are a few blasts from the past, that have been popping up in 'real' life. People that I have shagged in the past that is one thing, but this is a whole lot more interesting.

We all have someone maybe from our pasts that we all think, 'I wish I had got to fuck you at least once.'

Well one of mine has shall we say re-emerged and guess what? HE WISHES WE HAD TOO!

Talk about flabbergasted, I've been smiling about it all weekend, majorly flattered of course, finding out that someone who I've always though was a bit of a hottie, but was way out of my league. Actually not out of my league (as if that would happen, JOKE), but definitely someone that I never thought would never have been interested in me, to find that he actually has been having naughty thoughts about me for, oh about 20 years apparently, that feels very very good!

Shame he decided to wait and tell me after he has moved away to the West Country. BIT LATE TO TELL ME NOW!

If only he had still been here, or even a little bit nearer, I would have been more than happy to show him what he had missed out on. Although to be fair and entirely honest, in the old days, I was no where near so good in bed as I am now, but shhhh don't tell anyone those that enjoyed the experience back then might feel a bit cheated. So if he had fucked me when I was in my early 20's he possibly wouldn't have been quite as impressed. This is definitely a case where practice really does make perfect. And I am a great believer that women especially don't come into their own in the sexual arena until they reach their 30's. I remember reading an article in a men's magazine once - quite why I was reading a men's magazine I don't know. I'm not talking top shelf stuff, just Maxim or GQ something like that. Anyway this article was about how when a woman hits 30, she is much more likely to be open to trying out things, something I would definitely agree with. Since I hit 30 although I might have had less sex than I did in my 20's, it's been very good and sometimes down right dirty amazing sex, with a few very happy men!

Irony of it all is, both of us back in the day did our fair share of spreading the love around our small but fun little town, but never did each other. I asked him about it on Saturday and his reply, he thought I was always Miss Confident and would never be interested. And being a man that has. let's say a certain image to preserve, never tried where he thought he might fail. As for me, I thought he was Mr Cool, the women he was seen with were always rather cool, a bit hippy chic, definitely nothing like me. I have had people say this to me before, that when I was/am out and about with the girls, I can sometimes come across as Miss Confident/Unapproachable, little do they know, nothing is further from the truth. Guess I am a much better actress than I ever thought.

Irony number two, is that he was only the second man that I know, to find out about the existence of 'Lola' which feels a little odd, to say the least. He seems to quiet like the idea of the naughty minx. But can I be her for someone I have known for what seems like forever, when I am finding it harder to be 'Lola' for those who only know her,and near impossible to be her for those that know the real me. Even Mr Fantastic Phone Sex, I seem to be loosing the ability to be Lola with him, the naughty, dirty minx that attracted him at first, not sure I can be her anymore. Not when it's me that wants him not Lola!

Anyway, all this has got me thinking about the real me and the past (cue a few more posts about blast from the past and sex in strange places) and that actually do you know what, I have in the past had a ball.