Monday, 8 February 2010


I am the first to admit that I love porn, always have, more than likely always will.

I'm not ashamed to admit it, we all watch it or read it, but is it getting a little bit too much?

I can quite clearly remember sneaking into my older brother's bedroom and looking at his little stash of mags under his bed. But back then porn mags were just women with what now, in these days of waxing seem scarily hairy pussies. Oh and tits, porn mags were strictly for men's pleasure only, and pleasure in the most prudish of terms by today's standards.

I always wondered where my affection for girl on girl porn comes from and a friend who recently trained as a relationship counsellor and sex therapist told me it was because of this. We associate our sexual feelings and behaviours to the things that first stimulated us in a sexual way as well as our first sexual encounters.

Now don't get me wrong, I'm in no way inclined to go girl on girl myself, I am definitely a worshipper at the alter of the cock, but if I'm in the mood for a indulgent afternoon or evening to myself (for that read mammoth masturbation session) the thing that really sets my pulse racing is a little girl on girl action!

The fact that it turns me on, doesn't mean that I am a lesbian, it just means that looking at it turns me on, but when I am that turned on I don't want to re-enact whats on the screen, I want to get dirty with a rampant cock (preferably one that measures up to a can of fosters).

As you may guess this is another post in reaction to another conversation with some friends, yes, me and the girlie's have been talking sex again!

With our new on site fount of knowledge when it comes to all things sexual, conversations have led us up avenue's that we possibly previously hadn't explored! But then again maybe not, there's not much we don't talk about, it's just now we can talk about it with new insight.

All of us have helped in our own way, providing information to help her along through her training. The way I see it, none of us should ever have a sexual problem ever again, although how much more of our inane questions she can put up with I'm not sure. I mean hell, if I was to start discussing with her some of the little 'quirks' I have come across in the course of being 'Lola' she would be kept busy for the next 6 months, or maybe make that a year!

My problem is this, whilst I am a lover of porn, I also see it's downsides. It's a very emotive subject, with everybody having varying opinions. Having experienced first hand (Mr X and his little floppy problem) I now realise that although it can be harmless and great fun, it also has it's downsides.

Apparently we are getting to the point where 'normal' just doesn't do it for us anymore, aparently 'de-sensitisation' is the correct term. Weird word but I promise you it's real.

It would seem that people are watching more and more extreme porn and this is meaning that when it comes down to the real thing, us mere mortals just don't do it for them anymore!

Recently I was reading an interview in a magazine with a marriage guidance counsellor, who specialised in couples with sexual problems and it gave me a little bit of a shock I can tell you.

The main reason that couples have sexually related problems is the fact that porn has become so readily available. And I'm not just talking the sort of porn we all used to get a hold of when I was a teenager. No more is porn just reserved to tits and pussy in a top shelf magazine, or just a couple doing run of the mill one-on-one sex with the occasional bit of girl on girl action in a much copied VHS that got passed around everyone.

Thanks to the Internet, anyone in the space of a few short minutes can access any kind of porn they like. People that perhaps only ever thought about things in their heads can now look at their particular little 'quirk' online and find other people into the same thing.

The other day I heard about one such thing it's called the 'Hairy Mary Appreciation Society' whats it about? It's for men who like their women hairy, and we're not just talking men that like a lady to have a little bit more than a thin line pointing the way to the warm wet heaven they are lusting after, we are talking men that want a full on 1970's bush, hairy legs, armpits the lot. I've always thought each to their own, and if that's what floats their boat then why not.

But it would seem that this being readily available is ruining the Country's sex lives.

One big concern I have with porn on the net is that it's not just adults that watch it, and young girls and lads are growing up thinking that's what sex is actually all about, ask your average 15 year old these days and they seem to think that everything they see is what your average everyday couple are up to. Girls feel like they have to do things cos that's whats expected. AND ITS JUST NOT REAL!

After all anyone who's ever had a little play with a video camera, knows that real sex, well it looks nothing like porn sex! No-one I've ever met would be happy for people to watch their performance complete with dodgy camera angles, love handles and worst of all the cum face! You know what I mean ladies, looking up into a dodgy cum face can all but spoil the moment for you when you look up and your sexy beast is gurning more than a raver who's dropped three E's!

Now surprise surprise, I may in the past of produced the odd video for special some one's and boy does it take time, stop, start, stop, start. You get carried away and get into what your doing, then you realise that then last 2 minutes got missed off because you accidentally pressed pause.

Recently at work we had a client who calls herself a TV Producer (for TV Producer read Producer of Porn) on the one hand I applaud her she also has a sideline company that takes women and makes them feel sexy again no matter what their size, shape, looks, she helps them find their good points and emphasise them and them sends them away with amazing photos that help to re-build their confidence and help them find the inner foxxy lady. However on the other hand she makes porn that conforms to the norm skinny peroxide blonde's with fake boobs, Hollywood waxes and bleached bum holes.

However I couldn't help but be intrigued and she had me in stitches when we were having a quiet girly chat about how long it actually takes to produce a decent bit of porn! Like the male star she uses who is hung like a horse but can only stay hard if whilst he is fucking some bleach blonde totty, a hot boy is standing not more than a few feet away stroking his equally impressive cock ready to give it to him as soon as he finishes. Just proves my point real sex just isn't porn sex.

Does that mean I'm going to stop watching it? HELL NO!

Will I stop watching it with company to shall we say, set the mood? Ermm again HELL NO!