Sunday, 10 January 2010


What is it about me that says 'yeah you can send me a picture of your cock and I won't mind'! Or 'Hell yeah I'm quite into a bit of dirty.'

Do I have the face that screams 'dirty'? All things that have been running through my head in the last month or so.

The stupid thing is that there is more than one person who I know reads this that could answer this question for me, but as most people don't actually know what I look like it could be difficult!

Call me silly but there I was, sitting there quietly minding my own business when my crackberry binged at my side, an email usually gets me a little excited, not for any naughty reasons you have to understand, but just for the simple reason that I am on the mailing list of quite a few of my favourite stores and they regularly tout their wares to me, usually in the middle of the night!

Anyway, so there I am sitting on the sofa, about half ten at night, chatting on facebook to someone I vaguely know. He was away working in Berlin and was bored, I felt a little sorry for him, poor thing stuck in a hotel room listening to a couple shagging in the room above him, I wasn't doing anything in particular so didnt mind exchanging pleasantries with him. I wasn't in the mood to see the new Dune collection or whatever it was, so I didn't look at the email straight away.

The chat window opens again and he says 'Did you like it then?' Like what? I thought, stupidly under the impression that maybe he was doing that old favourite of mine - typing in the wrong chat window! (Something that has got me into trouble on more than one occasion), the worst wrong chat window experience - doing the dirty thing - the wrong chat window happened to be my cousin!

Now you have to understand this is not someone I know well, he is a friend of a friend kind of thing, we have never even actually met, we know of each other through friends, nothing more. So what happened next came as quite a surprise if not a shock! More chat popped up, 'chatting to you and listening to the people upstairs has made me really horny, do you like how hard you have made me?'

As I read that it was then that I looked at the email, the title should have given it away 'Look what you did to me' as I opened it there it was, yep the unsolicited cock picture!

Talk about shocked. I was sitting there wondering if I had missed something, was he one of them people who I may have bumped uglies with in my bad days past and then forgotten about? Had I come in late one night and had a drunken online chat with him that had maybe got a little flirty, even dirty and then forgotten?

Now you have to realise that this isn't someone who knows about 'Lola' he has no idea about my naughty alter ego. He was actually getting dirty with ME, the real me, not the naughty alter ego, but actual real me.

Now you have to understand that although all of this is 'me' it's a hidden aspect of my life. But here was this bloke that hardly knows me, sending me a picture of his cock. Was my secret out, had he come across my facebook profile or this blog and somehow realised it was me? Don't see how considering my ex-boyfriend didn't even realise it was me!

So there I am sat there looking at a pic of his cock, thinking 'erm no hunnie when you seen a picture of someone's cock being compared in size to a can of fosters and winning,(damn I mentioned him again) that is when I like what I see' and wondering what the bloody hell I was supposed to do or say now!

The worst part of it was that this guy thought that it was ok to send someone he hardly knows a picture of his todger! I mean hello this is real life not naughty alter ego central. Part of me was tempted to just log off, but seeing as I was chatting to other people as well I couldnt.

Luckily I have had the foresight to sort my facebook friends into groups, and as if by magic you can turn yourself off to some people whilst staying online to others. But a part of me was curious as to how far he would go. Would he be asking for a pic in return? People who know my facebook persona know that there are a few pics I could share with him, but this wasn't Lola, this was 'me' and I dont do naughty pics. Well ok I sent a pic of my tits to someone the other day but that was the first pic in a very long time!

Needless to say I turned off the chat box for him and carried on my evening. But it really got me thinking why oh why did he even think it was ok to send me a picture of his cock?

Is Lola seeping into real life? I would like a little bit of her to hang around for real, but maybe only for special people that I know wil appreciate it!

Needless to say a few days later when I plucked up the courage to ask him about it, what made him think that it was ok, no reply. He went off chat very quick I can tell you! And the next day he deleted me, nice or what, maybe he did this a lot and no one else had ever questioned him about it before, maybe he was just embarrased, maybe he just realised that his cock really wasn't that much to show off about!