Friday, 19 February 2010


So I have mentioned Mr Delicious before, (in rather a lot of blog posts actually) and he's someone the enters my thoughts quite a lot, probably more than he should in fact, sorry did I say thoughts I think that should have been fantasies!

For a while now I've been saying I would write a special blog entry just for him, maybe even about him. But seeing as I haven't actually had the pleasure of him in my bed YET, I can't write from experience, but maybe the best place for him is in my head, cos let's face it in my head he's amazing!

My problem now is this, it's been so long since I had a decent shag, that I have kind of forgotten what it's all about, I can only fantasize about solo sexploits because that's all I seem to know these days.

So my question is how can I write the perfect fantasy for him, outlining what I imagine doing with/to him when I can't remember what good sex is!

In keeping with this lack of company most of my fantasies seem to revolve around him watching these days which lets face it a hot blooded male isn't actually going to do if it's there in front of him, unless that's his particular quirk of course. In fact I know a couple of people that would be more than happy to be ordered to stand at the end of the bed and watch, but he's definitely not one of them. On more than one occasion he has made it perfectly clear that he's master in the bedroom, something which for once I think I would be more than happy to go along with.

My mojo is fast disappearing and the longer this drought goes on the worse it gets, is it linked to his seemingly misplaced mojo, I think it could be down to the fact that at the moment I feel like I need to help him find it and that doesn't seem to work and I really cant think of anyway of being that dirty naughty mix that first caught his eye. I, that is the real me, doesn't seem to do it for him anymore and that knowledge seems to have sent the part of me that is 'Lola' running for the hills!

I started thinking about it last night, I was thinking about it so much in fact that I got a little bit horny and had a little session with the purple pussy pleaser, apparently he likes what I do with that one and so yes I was thinking about him). It suddenly dawned on me that I can't remember what it feels like to have someone slide their fingers inside me. What it feels like to have a tongue flick my clit, or my nipple. To cum on a mans tongue as his fingers fuck me hard.

Perfect Fantasy is OK for a while but when it starts to effect your mojo fantasy then doesn't seem enough!