Tuesday, 6 October 2009


If you ask most people what a facial was, they would think you meant something that you get at a spa!

Clarins, Dermalogica, Decleor, these are all facials that I have had in the past, but not the kind I'm thinking about now.

This time last year if someone had whispered the now forever ingrained in my mind words 'I want to cum in your beautiful face' I would have thought 'Oh dear, what about my hair!' Now you know by now that I have always been a little adventurous and up for most things in the sexual arena, but this is one thing that I have never really understood.

We've all had mistakes, badly aimed 'I'm going to cum on your tits' shots that end up in your eye, up your nose and running down your neck. But actual in your face, not in my mouth, but just in my face, whats that all about?

It's a subject that my best friend and I spent an entire meal discussing, it was my birthday dinner as it happened. There wasn't even any alcohol involved, it was just one of those conversations that me and her have whether we are sober or not. Quite often she will text me total filth and we spent a good couple of months trying to decide what an 'internal cum shot' was on the porn menu of one of our favourite sites. I even had to text FBD once and ask him, as a connoisseur of porn, whether he had ever seen a double, double penetration in a film, the reason. How could we entertain all the members of Take That in one go, with and with out Robbie!

Anyway the Saturday before I had sent her a text asking her what she was up to, her reply, watching porn. Now this is nothing that shocks me, apart from the fact that it was only about 7pm and I kind of thought that she might be busy getting her kids ready for bed! Anyway for some reason not sure why I replied 'Oh what site you on?' Needless to say she told me and later that night - yep I was on there have a good perv.

So anyway during the birthday dinner, somehow or another we got onto what we had been watching and no surprises for us (we are very connected and a little bit freaky according to her husband)we had been watching the same clips. And although we are both a little naughty, we both also find some of it highly amusing.

What's amusing us the most right now is the ladies that seem to squirt across the room! Most girls have experienced that in a small way, but some of what i have seen has made me think that its either camera trickery or its wee!

But this then bought us on to the subject of facials, as I said earlier the now immortal words 'I want to cum in your beautiful face' have been forever etched in my brain, hey who cares what the situation, being told your beautiful is always flattering. But there is also the whole 'I want you to cum all over my face' and I have to admit that sometimes I may have played on this and told him to 'open your mouth your face is getting it next.'

Now I'm curious as to why the idea of me on my knees in front of him and cuming in my face would be such a turn on. Is it about messing up my beautiful face, is it just the idea that I'm doing what he wants, not too sure, maybe I will have to ask him. I must admit I do have a fantasy, well its not just a fantasy it is something I may have indulged in in the past, on my knees in front of my man sucking hard on his cock, but I like to look up at him see his face as I work on his cock. It has been said in the past that it is very sexy looking into a ladies eyes as she does nothing but give you pleasure.

Anyway back to my original idea for this little post, all these woman that you see on the Internet that are squirting across the room, how the bloody hell do they do it? They seem to be really enjoying it, and I'm not talking the pro's here, I like my porn home-made, and amateurish, and when you see so called home-made stuff that's been posted on some sites and these ladies are doing it you kind of get the impression that they are really, really enjoying it and it's not acting or trickery, and that makes me a little envious.

So for now, the jury is out, maybe the idea of giving a guy a facial is a turn on, the idea of being that turned on you can achieve that, that in itself is horny.

Would I get on my knees and risk stuck together eyelashes and cum all over my face, for someone that made me so horny I was even willing to risk getting it in my hair, hell yeah! There are some people that you would do anything for (well almost anything) people who fill your thoughts with pleasures of the flesh, who with a word or a picture can make you stomach flip and your knickers wet. For that person I would do anything.

I think this lady is going to be investing in some waterproof mascara.


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