Friday, 9 April 2010


Yep I think I am currently experiencing what is commonly called a taste of my own medicine.

The penny finally dropped this week that the infuriating wait that is being enforced on me by Mr Delicious is no different to what I have been doing myself.

Since the beginning of Lola, surprisingly soon after the beginning actually. I was found by a young man who was looking for a lady who knew how to take control, (Mr Can a Woman Ever be Truly Dominant). This was well over a year ago and initially we exchanged lots of emails and after a long time progressed onto texts, for a while we were chatting on the phone quite a lot, but hey other things, or should that be other people caught my attention and it was just one of those things that fell by the wayside.

We still exchange the odd text and occasionally he gets very brave and try's to more or less dare me into meeting him. I call this his naughty boy routine, knowing damn well that he's hoping for a good telling off!

I don't why I have never agreed to meet him, well OK I kind of do,I realised that I'm not 100% sure that I can be what he wants me to be. Yes I can take charge in the bedroom, but I am a great believer in give and take when it comes to sex, could I take charge knowing that he is waiting for me to tell him exactly what to do and when. Call me silly but I would rather a man that knows exactly what to do without the need to be told. Maybe one day I will, after all the guy is pretty gorgeous and apart from the 'quirk' the kind of guy that I would usually look at and thing mmmm hello, we share a love of live music and a few other things!

So for now he's still waiting. But guess what, so am I.

I've tasted the medicine and there are few things I can think of in life that taste worse. But hey you never know maybe some new wonder drug will come along that makes the medicine not so bad to handle!


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