Monday, 18 January 2010


Question how do you look a man in the face, and have a serious business discussion when you have seen photographic evidence of him in a full length sheer black negligee complete with long black satin gloves!

I kid you not, today I was put in that very situation! Whats more I've even seen a video of him on the job so to speak, and not the job we were discussing today!

All this is courtesy of an old friend of mine who used to be his 'girlfriend' I say that in inverted commas because she was the girlfriend who was on a retainer, more of the GFE - Girlfriend Experience in escorting terms apparently! Hell it's amazing what a guy can get away with when he's coughing up a grand a week for the pleasure.

Now you have to realise this was a fair few years ago, as I said a girl I used to be friends with made her living in the oldest profession, lovely girl, but completely nutty and with a coke habit that would kill most people.

Anyway I don't know what it was she did so well but the upshot of it all was that he decided to do a Pretty Woman on her and asked her to give it all up for him (he was originally a punter) however she was more like Kit De Luca from Pretty Woman than Vivian Ward and she wasn't giving it up to be some old mans girlfriend, hence the rather huge weekly 'housekeeping'.

In return for the hefty envelope of cash every Friday, all she had to do was look as slutty as possible and put up with his more unusual requirements. Which included letting him dress up in her underwear, no mean feat considering she's about 5' 5" and a size 8 and hes about 6' 4" and built like a rugby player. He was also a very keen amateur photographer who had a little thing about leaving the result of his work around the house for all to see. Hence me seeing a picture of him wearing the black negligee!

Things came to a head for me though when one day whilst waiting for her to get her arse in gear to go shopping I switched on the TV by the remote to be greeted by them together on the screen - homemade DVD's don't you just love them.

Turned out one of his little 'quirks' was that he liked to think people would see them, and he got off on it in fact.

They split up about 4 or 5 years ago and she disappeared, no doubt to continue as she had before in a haze of girlfriend experiences and coke binges!

He on the other hand I have heard about, he was friends of a client of ours and we bump into each other occasionally. He had no idea that I've seen the pics and I'm never telling him that's for sure!

However today I had to go to a meeting with the said client for a new business venture we are looking into and guess what, he's only the other partner!

How can I work with this man? Every time I look at him all I see is negligee!



  1. It get's worse my friend, he is now my business partner in 2 ventures! Still can't look at him with a straight face without seeeing him in that bloody negligee!