Wednesday, 4 November 2009


I am surrounded by hot sweaty bodies, all swaying moving in unison to the hypnotic music, the base pounding through me, hitting my solar plexus and making me want to dance, vibrating through the floor to my pussy and making me want to fuck.

The music intensifies, the beat getting stronger and the base harder, is it the music or is it me? Feeling the music now as well as hearing it, every note hitting a different part of my body making me tingle.

Raising my arms in the air, I stand there for a moment and just feel........

Then it hits, the feeling of pure ecstasy as the music take control of my mind and body, eyes closed just listening and hearing, that feeling that starts in my fingers working its way down. My arms, my shoulders, feeling my body start to move and my hips swaying, tingling in my toes, moving up my legs feeling the base pounding, harder and harder, meeting in the middle and then bam!

As it hits, my eyes open and there you are, across the crowded dance floor you feel my eyes burning into you and you look at me, our eyes connected all the people around us turning to haze as our eyes meet. I can feel your eyes burning through my clothes, you know the effect that the music is having on me and I just know it’s having the same effect on you.

The music changes and the crowds rush towards the stage, pushing past me and breaking our eye contact. As I am jostled to the front I search the sea of faces looking for you. The music starts to take over again, four thousand voices singing along, all worshipping at the same alter. God might be a DJ but he could also be a Rock Star!

As the music starts to take over my body again, the feeling returns, that tingle, a primeval beat coursing through my body.

The music starts to take over the heat coursing through my body, raising my arms, I lift my hair to allow the air to cool my neck and that’s when I feel it, not the feeling of cool that I was expecting but hot breathe on my neck.

Without turning to look, I know it you. Feeling you dancing closer and closer, your body pressing up against mine, our bodies instinctively moving together in time to the music.

Raising my arms in the air as I sway, feeling your hot hard body pressed against me, your hands raise up and run down my arms, slowly caressing every inch starting with my fingers, down lower and lower, moving round to the inside of my arms, lower and lower, I know that within seconds your hands will be on my tits, the thought makes my pussy twitch, wondering if you will stop to play with my aching nipples or if you will just tease me and carry on down my body. Pushing back against you I can feel your hard cock pressing against the small of my back, knowing that you are just as turned on as I am.

Your hands rest briefly on my nipples, just long enough for me to feel it, I arch my back to push them harder against your hands, trying to get some satisfaction from the feeling of your touch. Your hands begin to move further down my body, down over my side, to my hips, where they rest pulling me back against you. Small gentle kisses rain across the back on my neck up towards my ears, you tongue on my neck flicking, my eyes close thinking of your tongue flicking over my clit.

Suddenly the music changes, I have lost all concept of time, the song that I know so well has passed me by. You spin me round to face you, my arms drop to your shoulders, my hair falling back over my shoulders, as the beat begins to pick up again and the crowd sways I stare into your eyes as you alter our position slightly so one of your legs is between mine, pulling me closer and closer to you, feeling your leg pushing against my wetness, the friction causing the seam of my jeans to tease my clit making the need to fuck you even more intense.

Reaching down between us, your hand thrusts between my legs, pushing and rubbing the heat intensifying through my body, I can feel it spreading through my body, my breathing getting faster and faster, suddenly my whole body goes rigid and as my orgasm breaks, you kiss me sliding your tongue into my mouth, my pussy pulsing and contacting, I can feel my jeans getting soaked as my cum spreads. Your tongue carries on exploring, as my breathing slows and the sensation fades, I pull away and rest my head on your shoulder, my heart still racing and the aftershocks of my orgasm zinging through my body.

As reality returns I can feel your cock hot and hard against me, the exhibitionist part of me wants to sink to my knees right there in the crowd and take your hard length in my mouth, sucking gently on the tip of your cock as my hand wraps round the base of your shaft, then flicking with my tongue, running it slowly down your shaft up and down. Taking it in my mouth and sucking hard as I wank your shaft into my mouth, looking up into your eyes, watching as you throw your head back and give yourself over to pleasure. Knowing that other people would be watching us and getting satisfaction from watching, a real life porn film right in front of them.

Jerking me out of my fantasy world, you take my hand and pull me towards the back of the room, away from the flashing lights and the crush of people, into the darkness. As my eyes adjust to the lack of light I see that we are under the metal stairs that take people up to the bar area, other music lovers are walking up and down oblivious to the fact that we are below them.

Pushing me backwards, my back resting against the wall, I reach back to steady myself, I can feel the condensation running down the walls, the result of all those hot sweaty bodies. And know the temperature in our dark little hiding place is about to rise even more.

Reaching up I pull your head down towards me, a hand either side of your head, pausing for a second to look into your eyes, taking in your face, your lips are perfect, I can imagine them all over my body. Then we are kissing hard and fast, our tongues flicking against each other, as we kiss, your hands start to run up my body, your fingers grazing over my rock hard nipples, pausing to squeeze them, my breath catching as you do so, pushing my tits together with your hands. Your thumbs running backwards and forwards over my aching tips, each touch making my nipples harder and my clit throb, feeling the dampness in my knickers grow as you tease me.

One hands lowers, working its way down my body, catching on the button of my jeans, I hold my breath hoping that you will undo them and slide your fingers into my wetness, circling my throbbing clit and then sliding inside me. But no, you pass my button and carry on down to the junction between my legs, rubbing hard against the fabric of my jeans. I feel cheated, I don’t want to cum again without feeling your fingers on my skin, I need your fingers or your cock inside me, your thumb on my clit pushing me closer and closer to the edge of the abyss.

Reaching down between our bodies I decide to move things along, feeling for your thick hard cock through your jeans, the size of it takes my breath away; I can’t wait to feel it inside me. I try to free it with one hand but can’t, belts and fly buttons need two hands, I know that I need two hands but right now the only thing keeping me upright is my hand on your shoulder, every nerve in my body is screaming arousal, the tingle starting in my toes.

Then I hear your voice in my ear “On your knees” without a second thought for my jeans on the filthy wet floor I kneel down and look up into your face, and watch as you slowly undo your belt, slowly un-doing your top few fly buttons. In my kneeling position the seam of my jeans it pushing hard against my clit, I want to start slightly moving my hips to get the full benefits of the pressure. I gasp, as your cock is revealed to me, thick and long. I’m torn, I know what you want but I need to feel it inside me, I’m desperate to feel my pussy contracting hard and wet on your cock as I cum. But this is no longer about what I want your cock is in front of my face and I can’t resist. Reaching up wrapping my hand around your shaft, it feels so solid and hot I know you are just as close to cuming as I am. Reaching forward I guide your cock to my mouth, a shiny drop of pre-cum glistening in the flashing lights as I lean in and take the end in my mouth.

Swirling my tongue round the tip I realise just how big it is and I know that I won’t be able to handle much of it, so I start to slowly wank your shaft into my mouth, working in time to the music which has slowed in tempo, but the bass is banging hard and insistant, just like the pulse between my legs signalling my orgasm approaching fast. Your hands rest on my shoulders, your grip increasing as I start to suck harder on your cock, one hand moving up in to my hair holding my head as you start to take over the rhythm, fucking my mouth, pulling slightly on my hair.

Then suddenly you stop pulling me to my feet your hand still in my hair, the other hand reaching down between my legs, I’m sure you can feel my wetness through my jeans. Then you’re undoing them, your fingers instantly inside my knickers, and before I can catch my breath your finger fucking me hard, two fingers, then three. Having seen your cock I know you’re getting me ready for your cock, opening me up slowly. I thrust against your hand aching for you to touch my clit. Just the slightest touch will make me cum.

Suddenly I feel empty as you stop, “Open your mouth” you say and I know that your fingers are heading for my mouth, and I smile as I feel them slide into my mouth, tasting my juices on your fingers sucking hard tasting my own juices.

Then your spinning me round, pushing me up against the wall, kissing my neck, running your hands down my back and then grasping the waistband of my jeans pulling them down past my knees. Suddenly I can hear all the people on the metals staircase and I know that at any moment one of them could look down and see me standing there with my jeans round my knees, as you run your fingers over my arse cheeks. Your hands stop moving and suddenly I feel them on my hips, your foot between my legs pushing my feet further apart your grip increasing then suddenly I feel it.

The tip of your cock pushing against me, you have it in your fist and you’re running it up and down my wetness, teasing me, pausing and then I gasp as you slowly enter me, your cock rests just inside me, I want to push back but your hands hold my hips so hard I can’t move. After what seems like an age, but is really a few seconds you start to move slowly filling me. I can feel my orgasm building the tingling in my body increasing, my pussy starting to throb. Then I feel your fingers on my clit, one touch is all it takes and the combination of your cock filling me, stretching me and the pressure on my clit, every nerve in my body is tingling and I begin to shake, my breath leaving my body as my orgasm explodes, my pussy contracting hard on your cock, every pulse covering your cock with my cum.

Before I have time to recover you pull your cock out and spin me round again, kissing me once hard and then forcing me back down onto my knees “Oh I’m going to enjoy this” you say as you guide your cock back towards my mouth, and your cock is in my mouth its slippery with my cum and my mouth moves faster and easier over it taking more into my mouth than I thought I could handle, instinctively my hand wrapping round the shaft starting to slowly move up and down, increasing the pressure, my other hand squeezing your balls feeling them tighten knowing your about to cum, anticipating that first hot salty spurt on my tongue sliding down the back of my throat.

Pushing my hand away, you pull back slightly so that just the tip of your cock is in my mouth, looking down at me, your lift my chin with your finger “I’m going to cum all over your beautiful face” you say as you start wanking your shaft harder and harder, just far enough so that it’s just resting on my lips knowing that in just a few moments you cum will be running down my face, on my cheeks, my chin. Your head jerks back and I close my eyes as I feel the first hot sticky spurt gush out over my lips, then on my cheek, then the other cheek, it keeps pumping and I feel it running down my chin, dripping down onto my tits, you stand there with your back against the wall breathing hard as you recover, looking down into my face and seeing your cum glistening the lights that hit us through the crowds, you reach down and take my hand pulling me to my feet.

Reaching into your back pocket you pull out some tissue and wipe my face, that perfect mouth kissing my face as you wipe me clean, the end of my nose, my cheeks and then finally on my mouth. Soft gentle kisses, kisses that make me want to do it all over again.

Finally after you have helped me pull up my jeans, you push my hair behind my ear and lean in to whisper in my ear. “Later it will be you wiping your cum off my face.” Giving me one final kiss you let go of me and let me drift into the crowd finding my friends, going back to yours knowing that later we will be doing that all over again.

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  1. HOLY CRAP! Reading that gave me one HELL of a rush! <3