Sunday, 30 May 2010


Now that's not a statement I ever thought I'd make, for more than one reason!

Firstly, my imagination makes for some seriously naughty fantasy's. And secondly it's something I was starting to think would never happen.

But today I sit here and admit that sometimes the reality, it can be so much better than you could have imagined. Quality really is worth waiting for. And damn it's been a hell of a wait - 378 days later and oh it was worth the wait.

What is this reality that was so good you may ask? The answer to that can be covered by two words 'Mr Delicious'.

Maybe, just maybe, the wait is what made it so good, after all we have spent rather a lot of time building up to this, could possibly call it twelve months of foreplay!

Today I confess to being a fully fledged grinning idiot. Flashes of memory from yesterday, last night, and early this morning - oh yes there was quantity as well as quality, anyway flashes keep popping into my head and bang there's the grin.

All day the memory not only of what delights I enjoyed but reliving the feeling, sudden thoughts and hello definite tingling going on, in in a very nice way. Memories of his tongue working hard on my clit as he teased me with his fingers, my legs on his shoulders as his cock finally pushed inside me for the first time, the feeling of being completely filled with his somewhat awesome appendage. Even feeling his cum hot on my tits, not quite my face as he had been fantasising about for a while, but possibly a good idea the first time, because that would have most definitely messed up my hair!

A few more performances like that and he won't just have the title of the best sex you ever had without being in the room with the person. There is definitely a new contender for the Crown.


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  1. Girl, how I’d looove to kiss your feets and cuddle with you after I brushed my teeth in Heaven. The question becomes: will I need to? HawrHawr Truly, I love you, as Jesus does, miss gorgeous, and we don't wanna spend our eternity Upstairs without you --- Wouldn’t it be truly freeek’n wonderfull to ||-WAIT-|| for Heaven where we'll live eternal, where I'll be your servant, giving you a backrub, kissing your feets, taking a shower with you, giving you a feather-duster-bath, kissing your tummy, slow dancing with a fan whispering, slowly entering you to give you orgasm-after-orgasm... Personally? I'd wait for Heaven, girl. Upstairs, we can spend as much time as we need, nobody to interrupt, you 17, me 21, 10+ months. Your choice. God bless you, doll.