Sunday, 14 February 2010


The pale weak sunshine creeps through the curtains rays of light hitting the bed and subtly lighting the room, I'm laying in bed, my long brunette hair spread across the white pillows, I have one leg hanging out of the duvet, my red toe nails glinting in the light.

As I wake and start to open my eyes, something immediately catches my eye a splash of red in the sea of white cotton, placed on the other pillow is a single red rose, a drop of dew glistening on its rich red petals. Reaching over I pick it up, bringing it close to my face so that I can smell its strong sweet perfume. From my nose I run it across my lips enjoying the rich velvety texture. Lost in my thoughts I continue to doze clutching my beautiful surprise in my hand the sound of movement disturbs me and I wake slightly knowing that you are coming back to the bed. Anticipating the chance of some slow hot Sunday morning loving, I open my eyes and begin to give you my sweetest come and get me sexy smile when I notice you are holding a tray, thinking that you have bought me a cup of tea, I start to sit up and realise that on the tray is a bottle of champagne two glasses and some small bowls. The smile grows in anticipation of some extra special treats.

Sitting up in the bed my hair falls over my shoulders, rippling down to frame my tits, the duvet slipping slightly, my nipples are just peaking out, you know that I have a good idea of what’s to come as you notice they are already hard.

As you place the tray on the table I see that the bowls are filled with my favourite things, strawberries, cream and most importantly some melted chocolate, a real feast for my breakfast. You slide back into bed with me, "Good Morning beautiful, Happy Valentine’s Day Gorgeous" you lean over and kiss my lips, gently at first and then sliding your tongue into my mouth and just grazing my tongue with yours.

Breaking away from the kiss leaving me wanting more you turn and lean back towards the table, grabbing the bottle and one of the glasses, putting it into my hand you pour the golden fizz into the glass, the flute fills quickly, bubbles exploding over the rim of the glass the frothy bubbles run down my hand and drips down on to my chest, I gasp as the coldness hits my bare skin and then sigh as you lean over and follow its trail with your tongue, pausing to gently suck on my nipples, your tongue flicking over my rock hard tips, the sensation immediately having the desired effect as I feel my pussy getting wetter, in anticipation.

Breaking away from my nipples, you kiss me again and the moving the tray closer you start to feed me the delicious fruit dipping it in the chocolate and cream before teasing my lips with it as you pop it in my mouth. Grabbing your hand hold it there as I run my tongue down your sticky fingers, then sliding the end of each finger into my hot waiting mouth, sucking off the gooey chocolate off, using your fingers as a way of giving you a taste of what is to come.

Drops of chocolate, cream and fruit juices are dripping onto our bodies, any thoughts of the crisp white sheets forgotten as we start to use out fingers and tongues to lick the mess off instead.

Pushing me back against the pillows you dip the tips of your fingers intothe bowl of chocolate, and slowly run your fingers round my nipples, teasing them, watching as they get harder and harder, till you can’t hold back anymore and you lean forward and start licking them clean. From my nipples you start to work your way down my body with your tongue. My eyes are closed enjoying the sensation of not know what you are going to do next.

Taking a large chocolate covered strawberry you begin to trail it over my body, following it with your tongue, soon I am writhing and moaning desperate for you to touch me more intimately, to plunge your fingers or tongue inside me or to run your tongue over my clit in the way that you know I love, but you do neither. Instead taking the strawberry and circling my clit with it, pushing it harder so that the juices from it start to mingle with my own wetness. Seeing the flush of excitement spreading across my chest you slide one finger inside me, continuing to rub the fruit over my clit.

I gasp I'm so turned on that just that small penetration has me near to cuming.

Smiling at me you push the strawberry harder against my clit, mashing it up slightly with the force, sliding your finger out of my wetness you swap them over and you push the entire strawberry just inside my hot wet pussy, as your finger starts circling my clit. As you push it deeper inside me, the juices start to run out of me pink and sticky, you can’t resist and need to get a taste of my wetness mixed with the strawberry and lowering your head wherever the juice runs you follow it with your tongue.

I grab your head and pulling it against me hard; you get the idea and start to thrust your tongue into me, pushing the strawberry further and further into me. Your tongue is thrusting inside my pussy, my hands on your head and my legs spread wide,

“ah babe” I cry out “please, I need to cum”.

I'm ready to cum, and your cock is so hard it’s throbbing aching to slide inside my wet stick pussy, but you don’t want to cum yet desperate as you are to fuck me, you want to make me cum, over and over again, watching my face as my pussy gets wetter and wetter, the flush of orgasm spreading over my body.

“Do you like your rose?” you ask me, “Mmm yes, I love it, it’s so lovely, just my favorite shade of red.”

Reaching over you pull the long stem out of my hand and start trailing the flower over my body, its velvety texture caressing my body, over my nipples and down the centre of my rib cage towards my pussy. You by pass it and trail it across my thighs. Up and down my legs, teasing my skin, driving me wild with desire, you trail it up the inside of my thighs almost all the way to my pussy but again bypassing it and trailing it back up my stomach.

By now my breathing is so heavy and I'm moaning really loud.

“ah please baby I need to cum so bad have I got to beg you, please, please, I’m so close,”

I know that if you were just to put a finger inside me I'd start to cum so hard, I can feel the strawberry inside me teasing all my nerve endings. Your laying by my side and you trail your hand up my thigh, your fingers sliding towards my hot wet pussy, you avoid my clit and slide two fingers deep inside, it’s just what I needed to push me over the edge and as I start to cum, my pussy contracting hard on your fingers, juices from my pussy and the strawberry are running all over your hand and down my thighs.

Pull your fingers out of me you start to run them over my nipples, the juice from the strawberry darkening them and making them more prominent. You slide your fingers into my mouth. “Lick them clean” you tell me.

Without hesitation I run my tongue up and down your fingers, mimicking what I had already done with the chocolate sucking hard on them, wishing that it was your rock hard cock.

Its too much for you, you want it to be your cock in my mouth as well but you also want it to be covered in juices, both mine and strawberry.

Moving over you pull my legs up onto your shoulders and slide your cock straight into me all the way in, lifting one of my legs up even more so that you can get in really, really deep. Thrusting harder and harder into me, you can feel yourself getting closer and closer to cuming, so as suddenly as you thrust into me you pull out, moving up my body so that your cock is level with my face.

Looking at it, I can see bits of strawberry smeared on it as it glistens with my juices. I can’t wait to get it in my mouth, as I lean forward I have a thought, reaching over I take a big gulp of my champagne, looking into your eyes. “Mmmm I love champagne with my strawberries” I say as I lean forward and let a little bit dribble over your cock, its cold but feels so, so good, swallowing the champagne in my mouth I flick my tongue out and lick the end of your cock, it’s so good.

Taking another l sip I slide your cock into my mouth, you groan as the bubbles start fizzing, stimulating your cock, increasing the pleasure, it feels so good as I start you suck harder, wrapping my hand round the base of it, starting to wank it hard into my mouth. You desperately want to cum, I increase the pressure, sucking harder and harder, you can’t hold on anymore, you can feel it rising knowing that you are about to explode, I can feel your balls getting tighter and tighter and know what you really want keeping up the pressure with my hand, and pulling back slightly with my mouth I feel your hands sliding into my hair positioning yourself in front of my face, as the first salty drop hits my tongue you pull back pushing my hand out of the way and taking over aiming your hot sticky appreciation at my face, watching as it decorates my beautiful face, dripping down splashes on my chest, glistening in my hair, as you fall back on your heels gasping


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