Tuesday, 2 February 2010


Yes Lola has actually been my alter ego now for a year, 2nd of Feb isn't my birthday it's my anniversary, but I thought it kind of fitting to celebrate it in some way it's a kind of birthday, one year ago Lola was 'born' for want of a better word.

To mark that milestone I have made a big decision. It's been a year, it's been fun, but I think the fun has to end at some point.

After all no one wants to be the last person to leave the party do they!

I think it's time for this party to end, sooner rather than later Lola has to go, not completely this blog will stay - how else will I share my somewhat slightly naughty views on the world, that I perhaps can't share with people in everyday life.

Why do I need to bring the fun to an end? Because I will be honest, I keep finding myself wanting more from life than being a source of wank material for some bloke I've never even met and will never meet. Although to be totally honest there has been very very little if any, of that going on for a while. Naughty thoughts seem to be reserved for 'Mr Delicious' (thanks for the use of that nickname to a very very old friend) if you have got someone, even if it is only virtually that does it for you then why accept poor imitations. I declare that it is Lola's law that everyone needs a delicious in their life! The sad truth is that I am finding it harder and harder and I just can't be Lola anymore, Lola as we all knew her has possibly gone!

I actually had a very bizarre conversation recently by email with a shall we say former soap star who had come across my profile whilst looking for someone else called Lola he asked if it turned me on knowing loads of blokes were wanking over me. Rather forward of him I thought, I don't care who you are, no one gets naughty info out of me till I know them a little bit better! My answer however, seeing as he has never seen any of my shall we say more private pictures, was that anyone wanking over a pair of tits in a bra, or a pair of legs in fishnets, is way too easily pleased for my liking! But it made me realise that's not who I am anymore. If I ever was.

So this year what has it bought me?

Well some fun, hell who am I kidding a lot of fun.

Some great new friends, some of them people that I hope will be friends for ever.

I found out things I never wanted to know. And things I wished I had realised years ago!

I've learnt a lot about myself, what turns me on, what really doesn't and just more about what I do and don't want from a man.

I lost the man that could have been my 'one' because he couldn't handle the newly emerging minx that was Lola, who up until that point had been solely for his pleasure and benefit.

Lola on facebook started out as a means of revenge, a way of getting back at my lying cheating wanker of an ex, try and find out just how sordid his life was and boy did I find out!

The lowest point? That would be Mr X, during a msn chat I described something we had got up to, involving strawberries and champagne,(I found a whole new way of eating a strawberry covered in my own shall we say honey, off his cock lol) when Lola asked if he had ever done that, knowing that he would want to boast more about his so called sexual prowess, to be told 'yeah with some bird I was shagging.' I think that was the moment that I realised, about 9 months too late I might add, that I had never meant anything to him at all, the man I had been in love with, (or was it the idea of being in love with him, that I was in love with), he had never actually felt anything for me at all. This was also the moment I realised that no matter what I tried to inflict on him as Lola, none of it could ever come close to what he had done to me.

In all it's been a truly wonderful year, one that has possibly defined me in more ways than I can explain and for that I must thank my facebook friends you've made it a blast.


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